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Note: The schottkey diode will heat up when the charger is externally powered. The Power used depends on the load attached to the output - current through it and voltage drop accross it. This would need controlling using a microcontroller or using the status outputs of the TP see the LTC datasheet - which is a different chip but provides a design reference. It is usually grounded at the chip pin on breakout board.

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Topcon GPTA robotic total station puts it all in a package to deliver the highest productivity day after day, in all field conditions. When obstructions get in the way, the GPTA wide beam will quickly re-acquire the prism to allow virtually continuous work.

When job site obstacles disrupt the beam, FastTrak instantly re-acquires lock at the press of a button. This results in reliable prism lock and better performance in machine control and other applications where fast or erratic movements can be expected. Topcon GPTA series uses a new CCD tracking system, which identifies the prism and ensures only the prism can be followed by the instrument.

GPTA configuration includes all necessary components to complete a one-man robotic surveying system. Topcon offers complete flexibility to your surveying procedures, the GPTA can measure in prism-less mode over a distance of feet. This gives the added benefit to the surveyor working on his own, of being able to pick up those inaccessible or difficult to reach points. GPTA provides a large capacity internal memory, 2MB for the storage of measurement data of up to 30, points.

The active search system is superior to the human eye and always finds the reflector. One person can process as many points in the same time as it takes two people measuring with a conventional total station and because nobody is needed at the instrument, both you and your assistant can help with the work at the measuring point.


Lithum Battery Charger with Protection TP4056 - MicroUSB



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FS8205A 8205A MOSFET SMD Lithium Battery Protection 6 Pin SOT23-6


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