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Page 4: Overview Overview MicroLogix controllers are suitable for use in an industrial environment when installed in accordance with these instructions.

Page 9 Drilled fragments that fall into the controller could cause damage. Do not drill holes above a mounted controller if the protective debris strips have been removed.

Allow 50 mm 2 in. Page 11 Follow these steps to install your controller on the DIN rail. Mount your DIN rail. Make sure that the placement of the controller on the DIN rail meets the recommended spacing requirements. See Controller Spacing on page Refer to the mounting template inside the back cover of this document. Page 12 Panel Mounting Mount to panel using 8 or M4 screws. Follow these steps to install your controller using mounting screws.

Remove the mounting template from inside the back cover of this document. Secure the template to the mounting surface. Make sure your controller is spaced properly.

Page 13 Follow these steps to connect the replaceable battery. Insert the replaceable battery wire connector into the battery connector. Secure the battery connector wires along the wire guide as shown below. Page Wiring The Controller Wiring the Controller Terminal Block Layouts The shading in the following terminal block illustrations indicates which terminals are tied to which commons.

Page 17 2. Insert it into an open clamp. Using a small, flat-blade screwdriver, tighten the terminal screw. To ensure that the wire conductor is secured inside the clamp, tighten it to the rated torque, 0. The diameter of the terminal screw head is 5. Screw-cage clamp terminal block Surge Suppression Inductive load devices such as motor starters and solenoids require the use of some Page 18 Grounding the Controller In solid-state control systems, grounding and wire routing helps limit the effects of noise due to electromagnetic interference EMI.

Run the ground connection from the ground screw of the controller to the ground bus prior to connecting any devices. Use AWG 14 wire. For ac-powered controllers, this connection must be made for safety purposes. Page 19 Wiring Your Analog Channels Analog input circuits can monitor voltage signals and convert them to serial digital data. Use a power supply that matches the transmitter specifications as shown below.

Make sure that the MicroLogix system is properly grounded. Shipping Weight 0. Scan time dependent.





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