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Kazrak English 23 Sanskrit 1. Monday to Saturday 9. About this Item Volume 2 third printing. Affiliate Terms and Structure. Exlude Out of Stock.

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Alternatively, replace with a complete new Heater Resistor. Part No: C. Other Causes There can, of course be other causes, like a faulty blower motor, or a blown fuse, but the two main causes above are far and away the most common. Repair guide Stage 1 - Investigate.

If your heater blower is totally dead, do check your fuses first. If all your fuses are OK, this excellent video describes how to get to the Heater Resistor from the dash. Acknowledgements for video to bens collectables As shown in the video, remove the dash panel and reach into the right hand side, to the rear of the instrument display unit and, following the loom with your fingers, locate the multi-way connector.

This is the Heater Blower Resistor loom connector. You can now examine the connector through the aperture in the facia.

Even if it looks OK, we would recommend you replace it anyway as this is a very common fault. A burnt connector like this will cause a dead or intermittent heater blower, and replacing it will almost certainly restore the heater blower to normal. If left like this, the fault can progress until a fire is the result, so be warned. The Heater Blower Resistor Pack is held in with 2 screws, one on either side of where you removed the connector. Once undone, the Heater Resistor can be pulled forward for inspection.

You may need to yank at the red and black cables to give yourself some slack. Now you can examine the Heater Resistor. If you have the facilities, check the thermal fuse arrowed You can replace just this, or the complete Heater Resistor. Repair guide Order new parts as appropriate.

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