Pooley who rose before his servants and even for religious haste, went unbuttoned to morning prayer. Felton looked slightly bored. There was something about his heavy-lidded eyes that made Genevieve feel thirsty, and the way he stood, almost insolently elegant in his black coat, made her feel weak in the knees. Recalled to her surroundings by that disloyal thought, Genevieve murmured a fervent if brief prayer that Heaven would be just as her husband imagined it. She threw in an extra prayer for St. Peter, in the event that Erasmus was disappointed.

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Id swear I checked multiple times to see if it was part of any of Eloisa Jamess series and never found a connection, but after reading it, I noticed that Amazon and GoodReads now have it marked as part of her Duchess in Love series. It seems that Tobias, the hero of this novella, is a brother to Simon, the hero of Fool for Love, the second book of the series. This story is about Tobias, who was a bit of a hellion in his youth, and Genevieve, who walks a little on the wild side, too.

After spending a few hours together, they impulsively decided to elope and made a run for Gretna Green, only to be chased down by her father. However, along the way, they succumbed to passion, leaving Genevieve compromised.

Her father quickly married her off to a much older man, while Tobias broke her heart by disappearing to India. Seven years later, Genevieve finds herself a young widow, but her miserly husband has only left her a small stipend to live on unless she marries one of his business partners after two years of enforced mourning. I thought these two were perfect for each other. They both have passionate natures and keep each other on their toes. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella.

I very much look forward to reading the other books in the Duchess in Love series and checking out her other work as well.


A Fool Again

Sunshine indeed! I expect Genevieve puts lemon on her hair at night. I saw him and his wife in the Rotten Row just the other day. Her father caught them on the way to Gretna Green and she was married off to Lord Mulcaster, but the truth leaked, of course. And why else would he return, just when Genevieve is out of her blacks? Are you and Perwinkle coming to the opening at Covent Garden tonight?

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Eloisa James




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