After he started the work in the translations were trickling out in prints in fascicles. The first eight fascicles were published in as the first volume. The second volume with seven fascicles and the third one with fourteen fascicles along with index came out in succession. Beveridge ultimately completed his translation in It took some more time for correction, revision, preparation of List of Contents, Abbreviations and Additional Errata and Addenda to the index.

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Mughal Emperor Akbar crossing the river at night. It also produces rich details about the traditions and culture of the people living in India. It is famous for its rich statistical details about things as diverse as crop yields, prices, wages and revenues. I know not whether the love of my native land has been the attracting influence or exactness of historical research and genuine truthfulness of narrative He also gives several Indian accounts of geography, cosmography, and some tidbits on Indian aesthetic thought.

Most of this information is derived from Sanskrit texts and knowledge systems. Many of the orthodox Muslims thought that the Hindus were guilty of two of the greatest sins, polytheism and idolatry. He writes that only serving and worshipping God is required.

He writes the name, rank, and duties of each caste. He then goes on to describe the sixteen subclasses which come from intermarriage among the main four. First, he writes many of the different ways in which a person from one class can be born into a different class in the next life and some of the ways in which a change in gender can be brought about. He classifies the second kind as the different diseases and sicknesses one suffers from.

The third kind is actions which cause a woman to be barren or the death of a child. And the fourth kind deals with money and generosity, or lack thereof. The only original elements in this work are a few verses and some interesting stories. Very little is known about the writer of this Akbarnama. He accompanied his employer and patron Shaikh Farid Bokhari who held the post of the Bakhshi-ul-Mulk on his various services. His most important work is a dictionary, the Madar-ul-Afazil, completed in He started writing this Akbarnama at the age of 36 years.

This work provides us with some additional information regarding the services rendered by Shaikh Farid Bokhari. It also provides valuable information regarding the siege and capture of Asirgarh. The Akbarnama of Abu-L-Fazl in three volumes.


Escritores Vaishnavas, Hindues, ReligiĆ³n, Historia, Arte, Arquitectura

Tojazahn He might also cur- tail occasional verbiage. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. I have endeavoured to do my best, and I have sought assistance in many quarters. Return to Book Page. Foreword by the General Secretary v-vi 3. I am sorry that they are so many and so important, but it is envlish that I have found them and acknowledged them.


The Akbarnama Of Abul Fazl Vol. 1



Akbar-nama Of Shaikh Abu-l Fazal


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