Awesome movie and dinner experience. Own or manage this property? The Alamo drafthouse uses trans fat free oil on all fried items. Chocolate covered peanut butter cups.

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There are about 3 quintillion parking spaces here. Oh, you have to walk 50 or 75 feet to the theater from some? Try the salad. Kristi Brawner Juillet 28, The new Alamo is great! Comfy seats, Tap Room bar in the front, and lots of varied showtimes.

Great date night, family outing, etc! Better seats and smaller tables!!! Love picking a seat in advance. Try their awesome pizza. My favorite is The Godfather! It will make the experience so much better. Reserve your seats online if you plan to go on the weekends.

Fresh and cool layout. Very similar to the Slaughter Alamo Drafthouse location. Food was ok, not necessarily worth the cost however. Also Founders Red Rye is the best beer in a long time!

Heather Juillet 5, As with all drafthouse locations, get to your showing early mins if it is a weekend, and really early hour if it is opening weekend. Half Past Now Septembre 4, Awesome selection of beers! I added those to the list with fried pickles.

Social News Network Juin 18, Make sure to get there early enough to look at the menu before the lights go out! Otherwise it makes it really hard to read! Best place to take hungry teenagers Frank Rodriguez Novembre 4, Bottomless popcorn is the best but definitely would recommend the spaghetti squash pomodoro!

Michelle Nieto Octobre 22, awsome specials love their fried pickles also and you get to watch a movie Upgraded tables, full bar and liquor in movies. Updated screens. Buddy Overstreet Mai 12, Movie lovers paradise. Smart entertaining pre-shows, well curated films new and limited releases.

The phillycheese "chicken" sandwich is a good choice. Get there early on opening night or you might be front row! First time at this Alamo theater but the Alamo closer to me the Village was sold out - they seemed to have their stuff together here.

Good fun. Andee Derby-Aguilera Juillet 29, Love this place! Also try the Guinness Millshake! Jason C Avril 13, Love this place.

Save some room. Always a great time! We love this place and my husband loves the raging bull pizza! Make sure to try the fried pickles. Become a Victory member. Great selection of regional drafts on tap. The food and beer is good but the seats are very average and I found the waiters milling about to be a little distracting. Great seats, food, bar, everything.

Half the stuff is changed. Just have to cut back. Awesome service, clean, efficient. Every two seats shares a small table in between.


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema




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