Goulden is predominantly a researcher of esoteric sciences, a metaphysician. He holds an M. His research at Cambridge University focused on the theory-dependence of scientific observation. In his doctoral work, he investigated the emergent or revived paradigm of a multidimensional reality, carrying out certain experiments in subtle energy phenomena by reference to the Egyptian radiesthesia concepts and instrumentation of Dr. Ibrahim Karim and the Bioresonance concepts and instrumentation of Paul Schmidt.

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This is from the Australian Share Price Index futures contract. The lines for drawing it were the high of in April and the next major low on 21 May. I drew this box a few days after the May low and have been following the market using it ever since. I felt the best way to understand its usefulness was to watch a market unfold in real time. You can see from the chart that the market has tracked the lines beautifully ever since.

The next major top on 21 June seasonal date was right in time with the intersection of 3 lines. The 6 July low reversed on the D5 line at another intersection point. This week, on 10 August, it hit the circle, and today has suffered a big fall. Thanks for the course and your great replies on the Forum.

By the way, I have sent new posts for Alex and thanked him very sincerely. They have helped me a lot. While I have comments on Alex and his metaphysical musings in some blogs but I must say, being an Indian having studied a little of Tantra, Advaita-Vedanta and other strands of Indian philosophy including Kashmir Saivism, his things do make sense.

The book is good for sure but even better is this forum. I am really happy to have taken his course and the credit goes to you and Dr Alex. The Goulden Gann box and the Pythagorean time harmonic i like a lot I read through the book quickly so i could just mess around with the tools, I will have to read it several times to ensure I am doing things percent correctly I never had a Gann box work so well ever..

Also the time harmonic actually seems to work, unlike other methods like Fibonacci time series.. Fascinating stuff! What an eye opener!!!!

Almost of equal value is the Forum dialog, both from Alex and the members. It is very informative and Alex is to be commended for his valuable time and insights, as are the other members. Hats off to you guys writing to the forum-brilliant!!!

Thanks a bunch!!!!! Extremely well written! Very concise but not lacking in detail. The reader can really gain an understanding for how time and price interact and the geometric relationships that support the structure of a trend. The course is very fairly priced for the depth of material involved, much more so than other similar courses.

Alex has been very generous with his time and his answers in the Forum are timely and detailed. This makes the course fee a real bargain and substantiates the value of the course many fold.

As for the complexity of the material, like the ad on TV says, "Even a caveman can do it. I look forward to more advanced material in the future! Best, T.

I knew I would like this a lot. The material is more indicative of what I have in mind when ordering from Sacred Science. I like the new direction you are heading in. I also think the pricing was right on for me. If after evaluating it further, one can truly make accurate forecasts from it.

Then indeed one could say the material is cheap. This is superb material! I am very excited to be studying it and to have this Forum to share ideas with others.

I think the quality is first rate. When I read the excerpts you posted initially I thought it would be very hard to read, even though I loved the quotes. But I am actually finding that I resonate very well with what Alex is saying and have little difficulty in following him.

I think there are a number of techniques that are very applicable. My favorite at the moment are the Pythagorean time harmonics. Now I see that Alex is effectively using the same number but derives it through an entirely different method. This has given me a new perspective. I definitely feel that the material is fairly priced for its value. However, I feel this is fine, as it makes the purchaser put value on the materials.

And the beauty of trading materials is that you can use the information to pay for the course. Please give him a big thank you from me. He has shared additional material to what he teaches in the book, and takes the time to answer each question in great detail. His generosity in doing so has made this an invaluable resource. I am enjoying the book immensely, although it will probably take me a bit longer to digest it than some of the people on the Forum who have already swallowed the lot by the looks of things!

I think the quality of the material is high. Again I have several of the recommended books and keep finding I have more, especially on numerology. The book is really helping me tie it all together. I do feel the course was fairly priced. The Online Forum is great and so is Alex and his responses. I think the biggest reason I bought the course was because of his background. I am not having trouble understanding the concepts, they are clearly laid out in the book.

I really like the theory behind the techniques. This is the way I want to trade. Five out of five stars! I really like it. Things are starting to click for me using this material. The knowledge offered by you and all the participants has me in awe. I hope I can contribute some useful answers or inquiries as so many of the course participants have thus far.

I look forward to enjoying so much more that you are planning to offer. Now I really know what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi meant when he said that wealth can be achieved by understanding the laws that govern creation and laws of nature. It is an excellent piece of work which extremely concise and to the point. The vector projections again are useful as are the Pythagorean time harmonics and the octave point, and the number vibration of the natal chart is certainly original as well.

I think that it is value for the money in the respect that it certainly makes you think while also giving methods which will be useful. I am even more thrilled for the upcoming Book 2 and 3! The manifestation template and Goulden fan lines are extremely powerful in their own right. RA, Austin, TX.


Behind the Veil: Table of Contents

Donald Bradley Donald Bradley is famous for creating the Siderograph model of market action, and he wrote other astrological books which we publish in our Collected Works of Donald Bradley. His Siderograph Model is famous for providing an almost perfect model of market action over the year. Our course has years of Siderograph models Vol 1. Dr Lorrie V. Bennett Dr. Lorrie V.


A core component of this advanced system is the science of the Chronocrators Time Lords , without which forecasting becomes ineffective. Those with a serious interest in heavyweight astrology and market science will gain important insights from this work available from no other source. The course includes unique revisions of an ancient method by which to rectify a nativity. It explains the astrological factors which regulate the timing of pivots and the direction of trend. It also reveals certain astrological secrets which determine price.

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