So your link to my review goes to a page now. Free the education system from government control. I agree that Nehruvian socialism is in the blood. Vikram Goyal marked it as to-read May 27, Srinivas marked it as to-read Aug 27, You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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The first part of the book is presented as an imaginary speech to the graduating class of of some college. The context is of a transformed India. So the following quotes have to be read as if you are looking back and comparing how India used to be before and how it is around You and I are not struggling like the vast majority of Indians.

So why should we care? We have to care because our fate is inextricably tied to the fate of the desperately poor of India. We have to be the ones to transform India and we have to do it now.

You knew what needed to be done. Did you do anything? I did it for you. It has to be engineered. That shift of labor away from agriculture increased average incomes all through the economy.

This is not at all a counter-intuitive idea once you study the problems of rural populations. The single most important material constraint for economic growth is energy. Without sufficient energy, development is impossible since energy is required for every economic activity. The stock of ideas keeps growing. If you have an idea and I have an idea, we can share the ideas and both of us have two ideas. The stocks of both ideas and material goods have been increasing in the world.

The thing is that once a good idea is created, it persists and is available for anyone to adopt and use it. This creates the paradoxical situation of vast numbers of unemployed engineers on the one hand, and on the other employers desperately seeking skilled engineers. The story human civilization is principally that of an increasing ability to find and exploit energy sources. Slavery was an unfortunate consequence of that need for energy.

Coal later powered the industrial revolution. The discovery of petroleum oil about years ago literally fueled such phenomenal growth that is increased human population six-fold to its present 6 billion. Energy is the primary resource in that sense that all other resources — land, water — can be substituted to a considerable degree by energy.

Today around 1. They also produce more than 85 percent of all global innovation. A person living in a mega-region compared to a person not living in a mega-region is eight times as productive in terms of goods and services, and in terms of innovations is about 24 times as productive. We not only cannot afford the fuel source constraint , but we cannot also afford the fuel sink constraint of million cars and 20, airlines spewing exhaust — as would be required to match the US on a per capita basis.

To build the backbone links outlined above would require 10, kms of high speed rail. It looks like a very large sum but it is not actually. First, it is a capital investment, not expenditure.

What the IRTS will do is to increase the efficiency of the economy, which means that it will produce more stuff than it takes to build it. Second, building it will give a boost to the economy. The world is constantly reminded that India is the largest democracy.

That it is a democracy appears to be the highest accolade India has any claim to. Paradoxically, this same badge is used as a shield for deflecting all criticism directed against India for its failure to develop.

The people are assumed sophisticated enough to figure out who should rule the nation, but they are not smart enough to make simple day to day decisions; for the latter, they have to have a patronizing government official in charge.

I expect it to be done by mid Share this:.


A few quotes from “Transforming India”

How do I know that? Because two people have recently written about it. My sincere appreciation for the reviews. Selected bits from them, below the fold. Dated Sept 11th. I think not. Atanu rightly argues that the key component for economic development is freedom.


Transforming India





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