Attar was one of the most ancient and highly revered poets of Persia. He inspired later Sufi poets, such as Rumi and Hafiz Farid od Din Attar was born in Nishapur and lived about Another source mentions he lived about He lived close to years and was killed by the Mongol invaders. His tomb is in Nishapur. And as His Essence all the world pervades Naught in Creation is, save this alone.

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He was born in Kadkan, a village near Neishabour in Khorasan Razavi which is in the north-east of Iran. He left his birthplace and traveled to Egypt, Mecca, Damascus, India, and other regions to seek wisdom.

The obstacles and difficulties of those who step in the path, the ways of overcoming those obstacles and difficulties, are explained in the finest details. The main purpose in this trip for a human being is to recognize themself and their own passion. The doubts and questions arose among the birds. But Hudhud answered the questions patiently and tried to explain that they are in the right direction. Simurg stands for divine light which appears everywhere. When the birds reached Simurg, they thoroughly got rid of their physical pain and grief.

All difficulties disappeared at once. They met with One God. This shows that the person who loves God will be far from difficulties and pain. The mystical beliefs of Attar are totally reflected in his works and attached the readers and scholars throughout the centuries.

He used free translation in his work. He has also translated Tadhkerat Al-Awlia in four volumes. The Tazkerat al-Awliya has also been translated to Turkish, Urdu, and several other languages. He mentioned Attar in his Les Orientales book. Armand Renaud was another poet influenced by Attar.

In "Iranian Nights" his influence of Hafez and Attar is quite evident. Saint Sans, the most famous French composer created a beautiful work based on Iranian nights. Armand Renault believed, Persian poetry is the most original and poetic poem among the poems of all eastern nations. It has flourished over the centuries, perfected with great poets.

Persian literature works cannot be found across the East. Attar national commemoration day is on April 14th. End Item.


Attar of Nishapur Quotes

Main article: History of Nishapur Nishapur was founded during the Sasanian dynasty and in the 9th century it became the capital of the Tahirid dynasty and by the 10th century was under Samanid rule. The city became an important and properous administrative center under the Samanids. In , it was conquered by the Seljuks. Despite being sacked by the Oghuz Turks in and suffering several earthquakes, Nishapur continued as an important urban center until it was destroyed by Genghis Khan and the Mongols in George Curzon remarked that Nishapur had been destroyed and rebuilt more times than any other city in history, [6] an evocative statement whether or not it is statistically true.


Attar of Nishapur

I shall trample Matter and Space with my horse , beyond all Being I shall utter a great shout, and in that moment when I shall be alone with Him, I shall whisper secrets to all mankind. For Self has passed away in the Beloved. Do all you can to become a bird of the Way to God ; Do all you can to develop your wings and your feathers. Yet what are seas and what is air?



If he had rivals,then I know of none; The earth resounded with this paragon. When riding through his streets he did not fail To hide his features with a scarlet veil. Whoever scanned the veil would lose his head; Whoever spoke his name was left for dead, The tongue ripped from his mouth; whoever thrilled With passion for this king was quickly killed. A thousand for his love expired each day, And those who saw his face, in blank dismay Would rave and grieve and mourn their lives away- To die for love of that bewitching sight Was worth a hundred lives without his light. Since few could bear his sight, they were content To hear the king in sober argument, But while they listened they endure such pain As made them long to see their king again. The king commanded mirrors to be placed About the palace walls, and when he faced Their polished surfaces his image shone With mitigated splendour to the throne. If you would glimpse the beauty we revere Look in your heart-its image will appear.

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