Memberships Biography Bill Bruford is an unaffiliated early-career scholar, having acquired his doctorate from the University of Surrey He enjoyed a long and fruitful career as a musician and teacher before stepping back out of practice to investigate, currently, aspects of creativity and performance psychology. He has given lectures and seminars at multiple European and North American institutions. His academic writing includes a book, Uncharted: Creativity and the Expert Drummer ; a book chapter, Learning experiences of Expert Western Drummers: A cultural psychology perspective ; and a journal article in preparation. Publications Books Bruford, B.

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A lot has been going on at Bruford Towers recently. FYI, and for newcomers to this site [ Winterfold Records curates and controls the [ Following the recent success of the Winterfold box [ Too jazz for rock, and too rock for jazz. Earthworks needed a come-back album that took no prisoners, and much of this I really like. The music is almost entirely improvised, as it was to be on all the subsequent two CDs.

Jazz improvising implies listening and participating in a conversation, as opposed to reciting a written text. Paramount for success will be the ability to listen, to know when and how much to contribute, and when and how long to be silent. If it could have been written, there would have been no point in improvising it. It has been out of print for several years and during that time has climbed to dizzying heights of value on the second hand market, currently selling for a couple of hundred dollars.

Bill is regularly asked if a new affordable version will ever be published — and now it is to be! Bill Bruford When in Doubt, Roll!


The Official Website of Bill Bruford and Bill Bruford's Earthworks

While I love the sound of drums, the look of a drum kit, and the sonic possibilities that come from drums, I do not play. Still, Bill Bruford ranks among my favorite musicians of all time, let alone drummers. Even if I had little use for the exercises and sheet music contained in these pages, I still managed to learn a great deal. Make no mistake: Bill Bruford was, is, and always will be his own man. His independent streak was the driving force behind his abilities, and the music world is a better place because of this. Talk about finding your niche.


Bill Bruford - When in Doubt, Roll

Early life[ edit ] Bruford was born on 17 May in Sevenoaks , Kent , the third child of Betty and John Bruford, a local veterinary surgeon. Bruford recalled it as "a perfect education". They then performed as a four-piece [7] named The Breed, a rhythm and blues and soul band that Bruford played with from to until he was unable to attend all their gigs, leaving the band to hire a second drummer. After he left boarding school, Bruford took a gap year before he intended to start an economics course at Leeds University.

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