There were three parts that consisted of the upper body, lower body, and a unison of both that focused more on context. The chapters got a little bit more specific, for example, the one with the eyes and the one with the body language stood out to me. The good job the author did in classifying the separated content makes this text valuable as a referenceable guide. And if we just consider this book useful for referencing purposes only, then it would certainly negate my objection of there being an overwhelming amount of in-text references. I understand that the Dummies book usually do this, and for good reason because it can definitely be useful if you want to delve into another related topic and it may be the reason why I came across this book in the first place. But, to be honest it was way too much this time.

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Explore how to behave without giving the game away. Try a few easy exercises that will strengthen your body. This cheat sheet will give you all the basics and is a fun way to get useful information fast! Below are a few tips for getting you started on the path of becoming the person you long to be.

What behaviors do they demonstrate? What do they say? If you were acting as if you were the person you would like to be, how would you be acting? If you could see a film of your life, what would be different? If a good friend were to see you several months from now and you were more like the person you want to be, what would this person see you doing differently? What might some initial indicators be that would demonstrate that you are headed in the right direction?

Managing Your Body Language When the Stakes Are High An unconscious movement, an inadvertent gesture or an unwitting facial expression can give your game away faster than a speeding bullet. Breathe with consciousness. Be aware of the air entering and leaving your body. Breathe slowly and deeply, allowing the nurturing oxygen to calm your nervous energy.

Drop your shoulders. Gently release your shoulder blades, letting them meet at your spinal cord. Experience the sensation of tension melting downwards, escaping through your feet. Expand your upper body. Feel your ribcage swell in front, around your sides, and into your back. Experience the sensation of being bigger than you are. Hold your head in a neutral position. Jutting your chin upwards, or letting it sink into your chest sends out signals of aggression and depression, respectively.

Holding your head horizontally demonstrates strength, focus and direction. Keep your face still. Vladimir Putin is an expert at maintaining a still face.

Avoid lip chewing, nostril flaring, and eyeball rolling if you want to demonstrate control. Contain your hand gestures. Flapping hands and fidgeting fingers are signs of stress. Loosely interlock your fingers and let them sit quietly in your lap or on the desk in front of you.

Building a Fit, Firm, and Flexible Body for Communication A fit, firm, and flexible body enhances your ability to communicate with confidence and control.

Before undertaking any form of exercise, lightly stretch your muscles to prevent injury. Gently roll your head and shoulders, slowly twist your torso from side to side, and stretch your limbs out wide.

You might want to practice in a private, comfortable place as some of the expressions and movements can look and feel a little awkward. Strengthening your lips.

Firm lips are a thing of beauty and have caused many sleepless nights. To build up your mouth muscles, pucker your lips slightly. From this position, bring the corners of your mouth as close together as possible by actively engaging the muscle. Hold your lips in this position for a count of five. Relax and repeat 10 times. Squeezing your buttocks. A tight bottom is attractive. And it feels good, too. Relax and repeat ten times. Stretching your hands. To give your fingers a bit of a respite, put them together in the prayer position, finger tips pointing upwards, heels of the palms together.

Push your fingertips tightly together, allowing the heels of your palms to separate. About the Book Author Elizabeth Kuhnke founded Kuhnke Communication, a team of experts that specializes in interpersonal communication for both groups and individuals.

Elizabeth runs workshops, training courses and coaching programmes, and speaks regularly at business events and international conferences.


Body Language For Dummies Cheat Sheet



Body Language For Dummies



Body Language for Dummies


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