The channel played current chart hits, it reached , viewers on average every month on Sky alone. Capital TV was only allowed to play three commercial breaks each hour, 5 minutes long each; this was the format for Heart TV. On 3 July , Global announced it would launch a TV channel of Capital; the station launched on Sky and Freesat platforms on 11 October at p. The channels could be watched via dedicated iOS apps, as well as online. Both channels played non-stop music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and featured some exclusive content, such as the Jingle Bell Ball.

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Horrible imitation of a classic series! I grew up watching the classic original "Our Gang" comedies, which were genuinely funny and the kids were real and likeable.

This movie missed the boat completely. Most of the kids in this new movie are nauseating. The dialogue is corny and not funny. Rent some of the originals instead -- they show much more originality, humor, talent and most of all, heart. A sequel to BABE, the film follows the talking pig to the big city where he tries to save the farm from foreclosure. Along the way, he encounters a variety of other talking critters with whom he shares his adventure. But I recommend the film to ALL viewers. It has something to offer everyone.

Yes, the animals are adorable, but I hesitate to call this movie "cute. While not at all preachy, BABE has much to say -- about us and about the state of our world. The film is entertaining, clever, moving, funny and meaningful - all the things good movies should be. In a time when so many films exploit that which is dreary in the name of realism or futurism, BABE shines a bright, Technicolor spotlight upon our collective subconscious and reminds us of the things we all once knew to be real and truly important.

I really wanted to like Pleasantville. The previews looked spectacular. I was quite happy with the acting and visual effects. I loved the score by Randy Newman. I liked all of the characters and the actors portraying them.

My major problem with the film was with the disjointed script. There were many holes. I felt no emotion and only mildly chuckled two or three times. I wanted something to make me FEEL something -- essentially to bring "color" into my life.

For the first hour, I was under the impression that it was sex which gave the characters their "color. I liked the references to art and literature and music giving life its color. In that respect, I believe the film stumbled and failed in getting at its intended point -- that our realization of our own unique place within the universe is what ultimately illuminates us.

I was expecting great things from this film from the trailers which advertised Beatty speaking the truth to a black congregation.

But what I got was two hours of one sight gag -- a rich, old white guy rapping and jiving in the "hood" in an effort to "enlighten" the audience. According to the gospel of Bulworth, gun-toting juvenile delinquents can be reformed by simply buying them an ice-cream cone. As someone who lives in the inner-city and faces its rigors on a daily basis, I must say that Warren Beatty has unintentionally managed to illustrate exactly what a "limosine liberal" he really is -- stereotyping blacks and whites while trying to prove how "with it" an old, rich, white guy from Beverly Hills can really be.

I was not frightened, but rather, appalled at the fact that Stephen King disliked the original Kubrick, and preferred this sophomoric attempt at horror. I liked none of the characters, especially the kid. In the original, he was portrayed as intense and intelligent by an actor who displayed the same qualities. In the TV remake he is utterly nauseating. If you love movies, this film is a "must-see! One of my top three all-time favorite films.


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