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Page 6: Removable Control Panel Removable control panel Theft protection As a way of protecting your car radio against theft, the unit is equipped with a removable control panel release pa- nel. Without this control panel, the car radio is worthless to a thief. Protect you car radio against theft by taking the control panel with you every time you leave your vehicle. Page 8: Adjusting The Volume Adjusting the volume You can adjust the volume in steps from 0 off to 66 maximum.

To increase the volume, button 4. Automatic station seek tuning button 8. Press the The radio tunes into the next receiva- ble station. Tuning into stations manually You can also tune into stations manual- Note: You can only tune into stations manually if the RDS function is de Page Storing Stations Automatically Storing stations automatically Travelstore You can automatically store the six sta- tions providing the best reception in the region only FM.

The stations are stored in the FMT memory bank. Note: Any stations previously stored in this memory bank are deleted in the process. PTY-EON If you specify the programme type and start seek tuning, the radio will switch from the current station to a station of the selected programme type. Notes: If the tuner does not find a station that matches the selected pro If interference occurs, the interference level is cut automatically.

Whenever a traffic announcement TA is broadcast, the system switches au- tomatically from a station that does not provide traffic reports to the appropri- ate traffic information station within the broadcasting network that does.

Page Cd Mode To ensure the system functions proper- ly, only use CDs labelled with the com- pact disc logo. Problems might be ex- perienced when playing copy-protect- ed CDs.

Blaupunkt cannot guarantee the proper functioning of copy-protect- ed CDs! The next randomly selected track will then be played. The CD text might contain the names of the artist, album and track. You can allow the CD text to be dis- played as scrolling text every time you switch to another track. The default dis- play will appear again after the whole CD text has been shown once. MP3 tracks can contain additional in- formation such as the artist, album and track names ID3 tags.

This device can display ID3 tags version 1. Afterwards, the configured default display is shown. Press and hold down the MENU button 7 for longer than two sec- onds. The receiver is built into the detachable control panel. Displaying the time continuously when the device is off and the ignition is on To display the time when the device is off and the vehicle ignition is on, press the MENU button 7. Please keep the filled-in radio pass in a safe place!

Tenete per favore il libretto di apparecchio, debitamente riempito, in un posto sicuro! Bewaar de ingevulde apparaatpas op een veilige plaats! Page 33 "Radio". This manual is also suitable for:.


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