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He knew the guitar thoroughly. His work must be revised because of the type of instrument, strings and technique used by the Spanish master. This certain touch must be developed". Read more on the nail VS no nail controversy here. Capricho Arabe is an enormous piece. Over years of Moorish occupation of the Iberian peninsula Spain have left a huge, eternal mark.

Great players have recorded this work many times and although many think it is difficult to play, it is not. The scales have to be examined technically before playing them and they are not meant to be played fast. Showing off is for immature souls with little or nothing meaningful to say.

Remember:Nobody claps intentions It did not work". This piece is magical and it needs deep understanding of each musical phrase. Leave nothing to chance. Take all the time in the world and play slow enough not to allow mistakes to enter your practice. It is not mandatory to make mistakes! Analysis: Play the 2 initial notes. The scale is meant to be played adding a smooth accellerando. The challenge is to move to the new position for the 3 stages of the scale.

Divide this scale and focus on the position change and do not rush it. Avoid mistakes during practice at all cost. Regarding the right hand fingering, it is important that you make it as consistent as possible. Whenever possible, I like to use the same finger on a given string for sound uniformity but it is alright to alternate fingerings should you feel more comfortable doing so.

Write down the right hand fingering. In scales, keep the left hand knuckles parallel to the fingerboard Video 1 Revision: Santa Monica, CA, December 6, The continuation of this masterclass is in the members area, become a member today.


Capricho Árabe – clase #2



Tarrega Francisco - Capricho Arabe Chords & Tabs


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