She was an idiot. Why had she, Delsey Freestone, a reasonably intelligent twenty-five-year-old supposed adult, swan-dived into those last two margaritas? And what was in those margaritas that tasted so good? Elliot Hayman, the new director of the Stanislaus School of Music -- Call me Elliot, my dear--had appeared to want to cut her out of the graduate student female herd at the party and bestow his margaritas and attention on her. Not only was Dr. When it came to renown, he was in a different universe than hers.

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Jul 20, Jackie rated it it was ok This was a marginal read at best. It felt like Ms. Coulter was writing in her sleep. Or maybe playing with cardboard figures that she would move around on a table as the scene changed. And 2 stars because I soldiered on and finished the whole thing even though it was a struggle. Bombshell started out a bit slow for me but it sure picked up quickly. Once again we are thrown in the middle of two separate cases.

Both interesting and intense. The first impression is that Tommy was killed as revenge against his grandfather. And proves that money truly is the root of all evil. Griffin Hammersmith has been an agent working in the San Francisco field office. Savich and Sherlock worked with him on an earlier case and were very impressed with him. On his way to D.

Before Griffin arrives, his "Trouble Magnet" of a sister is involved in a crime. She has been attacked in her apartment. When she wakes up in the hospital, she remembers there was a dead man in her bathtub and two Hispanic young men were there as well. He knows there is something more to her than just a struggling student and waitress. And the main suspect is the visiting professor at the college.

Rafael Salazar is a brilliant classical guitarist. He has been asked to do some teaching at Stanislaus by his twin brother, Dr. Elliot Hayman. Twins who were separated at a very young age, one went with the mother and the other stayed with their father. This book starts out slowly, with lots of information gathering. It ends with a bang. Both cases coming together at the same time, with lots of action, suspense and a few twists along the way. I loved re-visiting some of the characters from earlier books.

This book can be read as a stand alone, but the whole series is fantastic Being back in Maestro, Griffin is working with the local sheriff, Dix and his FBI wife Ruth, who also works for Dillon. And back in D. And we get a small peek at the new upcoming book, introducing a new agent, and a new series.

I highly recommend the book. It was a great story, as always.


Bombshell (FBI Series #17)



Catherine Coulter




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