The Laundry detects the disturbance and swoops in to give him a mandatory job offer. Despite the nature of the work, the Laundry is an efficient and low-key modern organization; more cubicle-jockeying than stately mansion towers and hidden volcano lairs, in other words. There are a surprising number of meetings involved. The Wannsee Conference was thus an attempt to harness the occult via mass human sacrifice in the Holocaust, but it ultimately failed after Allied interference. Bob belatedly realises that the nuclear bomb is a counterproductive trap; the frost giant intends to use its power to propel it into their reality, which has far more heat to eat. Bob manages to stop the device from exploding before escaping back to his original universe.

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Once again, Bob is more stumbling than purposefully walking and it frustrates him and the reader alike. Because Bob is. Alas, that would never do here because of what the bad guy set up as a shield to protect himself until he can accomplish what he set out to do raising a terror from the deep just at the right moment.

Sounds vague? But I can tell you this: no movie was ever this good. I mean it. Thus, Bob is sent to a tropical setting together with a beautiful creature from the American counterpart of The Laundry, we get Bond-worthy gizmos mixed with posessions and other demonology stuff that included creatures akin to mermaids which was especially funny when comparing these ones to the ones I read about in my last book , and a cat!

We also get some new or should I say old? Clearly, the author has been in Germany and got scared by our non-existant or, in places where they exist, higher speed limits. But apart from the laugh-out-loud humoristic moments, we also got treated to a number of very funny scenes simply because Bob is a bit socially inapt. The story is a puzzle you have to slowly piece together like an investigator and I like that as much as the blend of relatively realistic problems such as having to sit through a corporate power point presentation and the supernatural aspects like getting brainwashed into being a zombie that will then be used in the battle for world domination.

Quirky, in the best sense.


The Jennifer Morgue



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