Convert Excel Files in Batch! Not for resellers. When the new Office is released, we will add new file types too. Total Excel Converter can convert each page of your spreadsheet into a separate file. Have an outdated Microsoft Office ?

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I would like to be able to view these spreadsheets on my Windows 10 system, and if possible, convert the Quattro Pro files to Excel files. The Quattro Pro files are using the. WB1 file extension. While the current version of Open Office can read. WB1 files. Do you know of a program that can read and convert the. WB1 files to Excel? I look forward to hearing from you. WB2, and. In fact, the Excel file formats supported are. Howard wrote in again with these comments: " Dennis, Many thanks for the quick reply.

I just checked and Libre Office converts Quattro Pro files just fine, thanks! The fact that Libre Office can go back to these old files is one advantage it has over Open Office. You might like to record somewhere the ease with which you can convert from. WB1 to Excel using Libre Office - in case someone else asks you! As for instructions on how to convert Quattro Pro files to Microsoft Excel, refer to the steps below.

Open the spreadsheet file that you want to convert to Excel format. WB1 spreadsheet file, but if you have another spreadsheet file written by another office suite, you can most likely use that too, since LibreOffice supports many, many formats. Once the spreadsheet file is opened, click File from the menu , then Save As, then click on the File Type button, and then choose your desired format.

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