That is an important aspect for a multiplier reel for seafishing. Especially the new, small size is perfectly suited for light trout fishing and for bolognese style fishing. Fly reelModern Large Arbor fly reel with a stainless steel shaft. The passioned and experienced carp angler knows about the pressure on the tackle. There is no easier way to operate a drag! Developed for demanding spin anglers, who set value on quality and design.

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Sakinos The superb quality of the front drag adds to the extarordinary value of this series. Great MINI front drag reel. Economic free spool reel for the price conscious coarse- and zander angler! Put the drag lever up the drag gets stronger the more the lever is pushed up.

Ideal for pike, perfect for feeder fishing and especially suited for seabass, when long distance casts are essential. Also perfect for baiting tricky fish as seabass, turbot and sole.

Ideal Feeder fishing reel. Low-Power Setting Push the fighting drag lever to the left of the the middle position and adjust the drag with the drag knob. The 4 spool sizes cover all kinds of spin, bottom and float fishing. A name that reflects top quality, exceptional technique and an always trendsetting design, that was orientation for other manu-facturers.

The distinctive but restrained design looks very well on every rod and builds an unit. Rear drag reel The perfect reel for match and float fishing as well as for trout fishing at ponds and lakes. Delivered with 2 shallow aluminium spools. Amazing, that it is more functional to handle than a fixed spool. Less than one rotation of the drag is needed to achieve a complete cormoarn drag to maximum drag power.

The double handle ensures cormroan very smooth running without vibrations due to the better balance. It also convinces by the smooth gear and its reliability. Perfect winding power, high durability, long distance casts and an outstanding drag function cor,oran the main characteristics of this reel. This new carp free spool reel takes this challenge and copes easily with unpredictable situations fighting huge carp and pike.

Control with the release stop lever the sinking speed, stop as you like it or stop cormkran in the desired depth by moving the lever drag totally up. For right or left hand use. Developed by specialists for specialists with all technical refinements demanded by dedicated anglers. The reel with never ending power. Especially the new, small size is perfectly suited for light trout fishing and for bolognese style fishing.

No matter if used for classic carp fishing, for pike fishing with float or sinker or for any conventional use — the SINUS BR XL 5Pi convinces in every situation by its solid construction, cormorxn and an excellent line lay. Free Spool Setting Turn the fighting drag lever completly to the left and adjust the drag knob as free as it sxos be with a free spool reel. This reel includes everything and offers the competence to fight a real big fish. Light floats and heavy feeders can be cast troublefree.

Easy to adjust by its big drag knob. With this setting you fish just like with a free spool. A spinning reel for long distance casts.

Super value and very solid multi-plier reel that stands the heaviest strains in Norway. High-Power Setting Push the fighting drag lever totally to the right and turn the drag knob as far to the right position until the spool almost cant be turned.

Daring to meet the challenge of catching big carps where others aos reach, tackle is needed, that is superior and able to cast the bait extremely long. Especially the new, small size is perfect for the bolo rod and for ultra light trout fishing. Ideally suited for fishing with braided lines for zander, perch, asp and pike. Page 33 of Cormoran Fishing Tackle The 6PiF is a relible partner for many years of fishing and is suitable for pike, zander, perch and trout.

All moveable parts are made of stainless materials like steel or brass. They are used in all our saltwater resistant axox. Pleasant, that it is used hanging like a fixed reel spool. Fly reelModern Large Arbor fly reel with a stainless steel shaft. Pushing cororan button on the side, the body cover is removed and you easily reach the ACENTRIC Magnetic drag system, that can be adjusted fast and precisely by 6 setting points. Both the fighting drag is a highlight as well as the whole reel, that is also available as FBI-4PiSW — a special saltwater version.

Many fisherman know about the advantages of a multiplier reel for boat fishing and large catfish. Most Related.


Cormoran AXOS 12PiF (12-12250)



Катушка Cormoran AXOS 12PiF 2000


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