This was one of the very first buildings by Le Corbusier that I have got to know. I had to redraw it in fact in one of my exams at the School of Architecture of Venice in What fascinated me then 20 odd years ago , was this magnificent complexity of indoor and outdoor spaces, and the splendid relationship that exists between private and public spaces. For me this house has always been like a microcosm, a re-interpretation of a medieval workshop wherein the craftsman lives and works. The house with the medical office was commissioned by Dr.

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The design, very famous and original, lovely from the eye of any vision. We had checked the website beforehand and there was no indication of there You have to pay a fee in order to visit the place.

A guide explains about the history of the house and then you can go around by yourself and appreciate the details. Do not miss it! The experience visiting the House could take you 40 minutes to 1 hour including the speech from the guide. This house is eclectic, between modern architecture and brutalism, it is located in the middle of 2 pre existing houses and it articulate their facades.

The house has lots of sensitive details that make it unique, and its really incredible the level of coherence achieved even when Le Corbusier designed it from the distance only with sheets and photos from the site. This house is real because of the good relationship and collaboration between the local architect Amancio Williams, another architecture master, that take care of adjusting, and fine tuning the project while building it.

Entry fee is little costly that too sometimes without receipts. But the creativity is amazing by considering the time of design.


Curutchet House (Le Corbusier)

Triposo is Your Smart Travel Guide Discover and book hotels, restaurants and local experiences in 50, destinations worldwide. Triposo works offline so you can wander freely. It was commissioned by Dr. Pedro Domingo Curutchet, a surgeon, in and included a small medical office on the ground floor.


Curutchet House Explained

We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality human translations. Introduction Designed by Le Corbusier to the dentist Pedro Sunday Curutchet owes its fame to that is the only one built in South America and was the only one that the architect had the satisfaction of knowing that it was built, because of other works that are commonly attributed to him, Le Corbusier only worked in the sketches. The house Curutchet out because there are fully achieved the principles characteristic of the proposed architecture that Le Corbusier: open plan, the terrace garden, the aventanamientos horizontal and the facade off. Situation The home is located in a small batch of 9m by 20 m deep, between medians, with an exceptional location, facing a large green and boulevard and a plaza linked to the Forest of the city of La Plata , capital of the province of Buenos Aires. On a purely architectural highlights two key elements: building a house on a plot of limited size between medians and that as a result of urban planning in the city of La Plata as diagonal streets, the longitudinal axis of the ground with a incline near 45 degrees.


Curutchet House, La Plata



Curutchet House, La Plata: Hours, Address, Curutchet House Reviews: 4.5/5


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