Flash memory for easy software upgrades. Designed for retail, office, healthcare and light industrial customers looking for a handheld linear image barcode scanner that has premium performance and durability dtalogic an affordable price, the Datalogic QS Datalogic qs linear datalogic qs barcode scanner offers the best price and performance in the market. Fast, ergonomic scanning of all supported symbologies; increased productivity Easily reads most symbologies, including highly truncated codes like RSS and MicroPDF The Datalogic QS QuickScan linear image barcode scanner provides many benefits including aggressive barcode scanning performance, an ergonomic enclosure, excellent depth-of-field, fast 1D barcode reading, bright targeting beam, and superior durability and reliability. Options Accessories Extended Info. Fast, ergonomic scanning of all supported symbologies; increased productivity Easily reads most symbologies, including qd truncated codes like RSS and MicroPDF Imager — Handheld datalogic qs — Datalogic qs wedge — Black.

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No part of the contents of this documentation or the procedures described therein may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission of Datalogic Scanning, Inc.

Purchaser shall not remove or alter any proprietary notices, including copyright notices, contained in this documentation and shall ensure that all notices appear on any reproductions of the documentation. Should future revisions of this manual be published, you can acquire printed versions by contacting your Datalogic representative. Electronic versions may either be downloadable from the Datalogic website www.

If you visit our website and would like to make comments or suggestions about this or other Datalogic publications, please let us know via the "Contact Datalogic" page. Disclaimer Datalogic has taken reasonable measures to provide information in this manual that is complete and accurate, however, Datalogic reserves the right to change any specification at any time without prior notice. Datalogic is a registered trademark of Datalogic S. All other trademarks and trade names referred to herein are property of their respective owners.

This Software is being provided to you under license, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you use the Datalogic Product, you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you do not intend to be bound to the terms of this Agreement, Datalogic is not willing to license the Software to you, you may not use the Datalogic Product or the Software, and you must contact the party from whom you acquired the Datalogic Product for instructions.

For purposes of this Agreement, any software that is associated with a separate end-user license agreement is licensed to you under the terms of that license agreement. Datalogic and End User hereby agree as follows: 1.

Scope Of License Granted. This Agreement does not convey ownership of the Software to End User. Title to the Software shall be and remain with Datalogic or the third party from whom Datalogic has obtained a licensed right. Quick Reference Guide i 3. Transfers, Support. However, Datalogic may elect not to terminate this Agreement or the granted licenses, but instead may elect to notify End User that End User is deemed to have ordered and accepted a license for each breaching use.

End User shall pay Datalogic the applicable list price for such licenses as of the date of such breach. Any such transfer of the Datalogic Product absent such agreement shall be null and void. Intellectual Property. End User shall not remove, modify, or take any other action that would obscure any copyright, trademark, patent marking, or other intellectual property notices contained in or on the Datalogic Product.

Proprietary Information. Limited Warranty. During this period, for all reproducible nonconformities for which Datalogic has been given written notice, Datalogic will use commercially reasonable efforts to remedy nonconformities verified by Datalogic.

End User agrees to supply Datalogic with all reasonably requested information and assistance necessary to help Datalogic in remedying such nonconformities. This limited warranty does not cover any product that have been subjected to damage or abuse, whether intentionally, accidentally, or by neglect, or to unauthorized repair or unauthorized installation, and shall be void if End User modifies the product, uses the product in any manner other than as established in the Documentation, or if End User breaches any of the provisions of this Agreement.

All notices of a claim should be sent to Datalogic Scanning, Inc. Suite , Portland, OR Limitation Of Liability. Government Restricted Rights; International Use. Government is subject to the restrictions for computer software developed at private expense as set forth in the U.

For Quick Reference Guide iii embedded software, End User agrees to sign a waiver prepared by Datalogic concerning further use of the embedded Software. General Provisions. This document contains the entire agreement between the parties relating to the licensing of the Software and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, written or oral, between the parties concerning the licensing of the Software.

This Agreement may not be changed, amended, or modified except by written document signed by Datalogic. All notices required or authorized under this Agreement shall be given in writing, and shall be effective when received, with evidence of receipt. A, without regard to the rules governing conflicts of law.

The following figure shows the steps to perform an installation. Turn off the host computer before connection.


PSC QuickScan QS6500 EZ Basic Kit - barcode scanner Series Specs



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Datalogic QuickScan QS6500 - barcode scanner Series Specs



Datalogic Scanning QUICKSCAN QS6500 User Manual


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