Press firmly until cassette clicks into place. See Figure 5. Figure 5 Close the tape cassette cover. This selection will remain set until you change it, or until the label maker is reset.

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Page 9: Num Lock Num Lock key provides access to the numbers located on some of the alphabetic keys. When Num Lock mode is turned on, the Num Lock indicator is shown on the display and the numbers 0 through 9 appear when you press the corresponding letter keys. Num Lock is turned off by default.

Styles can be used with alphanumeric characters and some symbols. To set the font style Press Select Style and press Select a font style and press Page Creating Two-line Labels To add a border style Press Select Borders and press Select a border style and press When using borders on two-line labels, both lines are enclosed in one border. To add an underline Press Select Underline and press Press again when the underlined text is shown in the display.

On two-line labels, both lines are underlined. However, you can choose to set the length of the label for a specific application. When you choose a fixed label length, the label text is automatically resized to fit the label. If the text cannot be adjusted to fit within the fixed label length, a message is displayed showing the smallest possible label length for this text.

The left and right arrows move horizontally along a row of symbols. The up and down arrow keys scroll vertically through the rows of symbol types. Page Adding Punctuation Adding Punctuation You can quickly add punctuation using the punctuation shortcut key. To insert punctuation Press Select the punctuation mark you want and press Using the Currency Key You can quickly add a currency symbol using the currency shortcut key.

Press Select the currency symbol you want and press Adding International Characters The label length is displayed, then the text of the label scrolls across the display. Printing Multiple Labels Each time you print, you are asked how many copies to print. You can print up to ten copies at one time. Use the arrow keys to move through the locations. You can store new text in any of the memory locations. Select a memory location and press Your label text is saved and you are returned to the label.

Opening Saved Labels You can easily open labels saved in memory to use at a later time. Clean your label maker from time to time to keep it working properly. Clean the cutter blade each time you replace the tape cassette. Page Troubleshooting Remove jammed label; replace tape cassette. See Contacting Customer Support at the back of this User Guide to locate the contact number for your country.


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Dymo LabelMANAGER 210D User Manual


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