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Meztimi The news of evacuation of only the Jewish community from Gaza and Yafo was in fact aiming at driving the Jewish population out of Palestine, and that only the Jewish community was the party that suffered, is utterly a lie. Five means of transportation were given to the disposal of the people, regardless of creed and race, of the evacuated towns and cities as far as the circumstances allowed. Officials to meet the provisions and other necessities of the relocated Armenian groups shall be appointed to curb the accumulation of any crowds at the military stations.

Passenger cars bearing the sign of the Red Crescent Society shall be prepared for the transfer of the sick and the poor — from Adana to Tarsus, from Islahiye to Aleppo, and from Alepo to Rayak — by Baghdad and Esh Sham railroad companies. General Headquarters 3 Division All the Armenians who were subjected to relocations ermenj to various military and political reasons are allowed to return to their homes as soon as possible.

On the other hand, distancing of 7. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The imams and preachers at the mosques, the priests at the churches, and the rabbis at the synagogues shall explain the stipulations of the regulations to the public. As the allocated period for the fugitives has become overdue, their due tehciru have started just as decided. The words of the Patriarch of Jerusalem Kamazej should carefully be evaluated: The falsified and presumptuous information used in conveying the news about the relocations to world public opinion found its reaction by the Ottoman citizens.

Later the cars shall be cleaned using sulfur steam. The extend of the care given to the protection of the Armenian citizens in Aleppo is explicitly revealed. Upon the first note written on this issue, a cavalry company in three groups, affiliated to the 4th Army, have been sent to the direction of Raqqah and Dayr az Zawr.

General Headquarters 6th Division To: I here by convey the orders of the Supreme Military Command as is: Help Center Find new research papers in: Only a few of the Jewish families were distanced from Jerusalem due to administrative reasons along with some of the enemy families — may they be Jewish or not. When the accused were asked, if they had a say, they said they did not have anything to say.

Cleaning detachments shall throw all the sweepings and the manure in the animal carriages. Line Commissionaires of the companies shall be responsible from the transfers of the sick, wounded soldiers o these cars. However, no Armenian insurgencies have occurred in this region. The Supreme Command holds the 4th Army Command fully responsible for providing of food and hot meals for the orphans at appropriate points. I hereby request your asking for permission of the 2nd Army Command for the detention of the stockers in no time to prevent their running away on hearing about the detentions being carried out.

The organizations of these two organizations are hereby presented below: The Directors of the Vilayet Police Organizations in Aleppo and Esh Sham shall personally be held responsible from the thorough application of the prevailing terms of the new statutes governing the venereal diseases.

Should a person ever harass any person sexually by force, in other words rapes her, he shall be condemned to galleys temporarily.

Meanwhile, Minas from Yozgat, waving his handkerchief told them he was also an Armenian, joined the looters with his rams and ammunition. Frmeni you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? All the material needed for the bed hospital to be founded in Aleppo shall be met by the 6th Army Corps Department of Recruitment; and the same materials needed for the Esh Sham Hospital shall be provided by the Logistics Support Inspectorate of the Army.

I hereby reiterate my orders once more that the relocated be examined, the sick be maintained, and that the transfer of the healthy shall tebciri. I am of the conviction that Halil Pasha will give the due orders. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Controlling etmeni supervising the townspeople on the application of the measures taken; coercive measures shall be taken if need be; C. The Medical Chief of Staff at the Office of Aleppo Logistics Support Inspectorate is personally responsible from the health of the relocated, and taking all the preventive measures in order to curb any epidemics among these women.

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