The theme of the conference is to turn the spotlight on the impact and effectiveness of market research in determining the value and profitability of products or services in the marketplace. Kantar TNS Participation At such a prestigious industry event it is great that again Kantar TNS has a strong presence and representation with three Congress papers being presented this year. This enables us to answer new and old questions; create innovative approaches using new technologies, and deliver more creative ways of interpreting findings. We cannot turn our backs on progress, and progress now is linked to neuroscience. It is important to open a debate on whether, or when, a neuroscientific approach could represent an opportunity to improve current research tools. This is a first step towards a new methodological approach to pre-test creative ideas.

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Can I receive a hardcopy of the invoice? If you require a hardcopy of the invoice, please contact us at finance esomar. How and where do I receive the renewal invoice? Membership renewal information and invoices are always sent by email directly to the member. We kindly ask you to arrange payment either directly or via your company. How do I pay online? It is also possible to pay using online payment service from PayPal. Personal data including name, address and credit card details will be sent over a secure SSL connection and cannot be read by third parties.

I did not receive my renewal invoice. When is my membership up for renewal? An invoice will be sent to you by email automatically approximately 2 months prior to this date.

If you have not received an email, please check your spam filter as well. You can request the invoice at finance esomar. How can I use it? You received a credit note for early payment of the renewal fee for However, only the discounted fee was paid. In other words, the credit note was given for correct accounting only. There is no amount to credit from the membership fee. I would like to pay online, however I received a message that the online payment website cannot proceed with my payment. What should I do?

Often an invoice number or date is entered incorrectly, causing the system to reject the online payment. Please double check that all information provided, including the invoice number, date and amount have been entered correctly. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for new invoices to be processed in our payment database.

Therefore, if your invoice is dated today, it may not be possible to complete your payment until tomorrow. Is this possible? Any additional terms and conditions must be agreed in writing see our terms and conditions , paragraph 4.

Netsuite powers the e-mail communications we send, it is not an open relay and has strict anti-spam policies in place. My company requires a PO number to be added to the invoice. How do I get that done?

Please send us the PO number by email to finance esomar. Do not forget to reference the invoice number in your email. My question is not listed in this FAQ. Who should I contact?

How can I request a new invoice? Send an e-mail to finance esomar. We will automatically cancel your invoice and send you a new invoice with the correct information within working days. There are a number of ways you can participate in the awards; submitting projects, nominating candidates or writing papers for ESOMAR global events.

More information is available in the awards section of our website. ESOMAR celebrates excellence in the area of market research with a range of internationally renowned industry awards.

When are the awards open for entries? The awards are generally open to entries in the first 6 months of the year. More information is available under our awards section. We are always looking for student nominations and your support is appreciated. To nominate students, please read "How to nominate" and then click through to the nomination form. Students can only be nominated by their professors. I am interested in getting involved in the research industry, can you help?

One of the best places to start understanding what the industry in your country has to offer is to get in touch with the relevant ESOMAR representative for your country or region.

If you are doing a post graduate course ESOMAR offers a number of career events which we organise alongside academic institutions to showcase what research can offer young people. I am interested in hiring a new colleague — can you help? All job positngs receive promotion through the ESOMAR website and member and non-members newsletters, received by more than 35, professionals.

I work in the research industry and am looking for a new challenge — can you help? Be sure to check it frequently for new career postings. ESOMAR has also issued guidelines on specific aspects of market, social and opinion research such as online research , social media research and research via mobile phone.

Can researchers access content within private areas on social media sites? Researchers must observe great sensitivity interacting with people in private spaces and if this needs to be done, they must observe the recommendations of the guidelines on consent and notification.

For more details, go to the Social Media Research Guidelines. Can we send unsolicited e-mails to recruit respondents for research purposes? Researchers need to verify that individuals contacted by e-mail have a reasonable expectation that they will receive a contact for research. This means that all of the following conditions must exist: A substantive pre-existing relationship exists between the individuals contacted and the research organisation, the client or the list owners providing sample for the research; Individuals have a reasonable expectation, based on the pre-existing relationship, that they may be contacted for research; Individuals are offered the choice to be removed from future electronic contact in each invitation in a clear and distinct way and this must be free of charge and easy to implement; The invitation list excludes all indinviduals who have previously taken the appropriate and timely steps to request the list owner to remove them.

For more details, go to the Online Research Guidelines. Can we share identifiable quotes from social media sites with our clients? This is reflected in the Guideline on Social Media Research.

If it is impossible to get permission, the information must be filtered to remove personal identifiers if the data collection process is automated or masked or cloaked so that the individual cannot be identified. Particular care is needed to anonymise comments on sensitive areas. Can we share respondent photos or videos from social media with our clients? If the data collected includes images of identifiable people, researchers either need consent from the poster to share these with the client, or they must apply techniques such as pixilation of faces.

They should however keep in mind that in some cases, this might not be sufficient to anonymise the images in some B2B contexts or when researching very small groups and they should then refrain from sharing the photos or videos. Do the same rules for online research also apply to interactive mobile devices? Yes, the same requirements for contacting people, security and downloads apply. Researchers must also take into consideration additional issues such as how to deal with potential costs to the respondents, appropriate designs for smaller screens and how to handle location data.

How do I find out how the law applies in a specific country? ESOMAR can provide some guidance on the rules regulating research in different countries but for details, contact the national association in the specific country.

How long should a research company keep records? In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, in the case of ad hoc surveys the normal period for primary field records e. The research service provider and the client can agree on a longer or shorter retention period. This agreement shall be documented. If the research is later repeated, or further research is later carried out within the same project, the storage period shall be said to begin upon conclusion of the entire research project.

If the contact list is provided by the client, can a researcher tell the client which people did not participate in the survey so the client can encourage people to respond?

The distinction between market research and other data collection activities would be blurred since the research is in effect a joint effort between the researcher and the client. However, should the client wish to encourage people to respond they could send a general message to everyone on the list referring to the survey and research company, noting that some people might have already responded.

The normal approach is for the researcher to contact the individuals and remind them that they are invited to complete the questionnaire. Must researchers obtain consent to collect social media data for research purposes when people post their views on websites which are open to the public? Some people who post comments on social media sites might not mind that their remarks are collected and shared but others might take an opposite view.

The Guideline on Passive Observation to which this type of research is most akin states "The things that people are observed doing in a public place cannot be regarded as private or inaccessible to a researcher" and "There may be instances in public places where informed consent from individuals is impossible to achieve. In those cases public notice should be given about the data collection i. CCTV operation". This was written to guide researchers observing behaviour in physical spaces, but the same principles should apply to observation on social platforms.

The Guideline on social media research specifically refers to the Terms of Use of social media websites as a form of notification that data might be collected from their postings. But if consent has not been obtained directly or under the ToU researchers must ensure that they report only depersonalised data from social media sources.

Must researchers take special measures when interviewing children and young people online? Researchers must always take all reasonable measures to ensure verifiable and explicit permission is obtained from a parent or legal guardian when inviting a child to participate in a research survey. They must avoid asking children and young people questions on topics generally regarded as sensitive and in any case handle this with extreme care. This may mean that certain types of surveys should not be undertaken.

They must also avoid collecting personal information relating to other people for example, parents from children. In the online environment, researchers will need to use special procedures to secure the permission of a parent before carrying out an interview with children. If this screening leads to the decision that a child does qualify for interview, parental consent must then be sought to continue with the interview.

My client wants to observe a group discussion. Is this allowed? Some clients may wish to observe an interview or group discussion for quality control purposes or to gain a better understanding of the research findings.


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