AP - Belva Plain wrote more than 20 best-selling novels over several decades, an achievement she began working toward only after her children grew up and she became a grandmother. When she died in her sleep Tuesday at her home in New Jersey at age 95, more than 28 million copies of her books were in print. Her first novel, "Evergreen," was published in and spent more than 40 weeks on The New York Times best-seller list, and it was developed into a popular TV miniseries. She wrote, in longhand on a yellow pad, epic novels of family and forgiveness that were adored by her fans but often received less than enthusiastic reviews from critics. Writing had always been a passion for the New York City native, an only child who graduated with a history degree from Barnard College. As a teenager, she enjoyed writing poetry and as a young woman wrote short stories for many major magazines.

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For three decades her deeply moving epics have captivated the hearts and imaginations of readers everywhere. Now, in her final novel, she co Her more than twenty New York Times bestsellers have captivated readers and garnered legions of devoted fans.

Now Plain dazzles us once again with a new novel of rare eloquence Sweeping through the pivotal events of twentieth-century America, The Sight Filled with ambition and idealism, he is dazzled not only by the big city but by the vivacious, restless Lillian, whom he marries in the hea Once again Plain proves herself the writer who sets the standard for family stories in Robb MacDaniel was an idealistic young teacher engaged to his high school sweetheart--when a sudden windfall, tragically earned, offered him the opportunity to go to law school and pursue a brilliant car Caroline Hartzinger flees wartime Europe with a sh It is a Then the lies.

But in one terrible night he would shatter the life of fourteen-year-old Charlotte Dawes and nearly But lately Ada Though the Greys appear to be Robert is on the fast track of a major corporation; Lynn is devoted to her family and good works.

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ROADS 1 In the beginning there was a warm room with a table, a black iron stove and old red-flowered wallpaper. The child lay on a cot feeling the good heat while the mother moved peacefully from the table to the stove. When the mother sang her small voice quavered over the lulling nonsense-words; the song was meant to be gay but the child felt sadness in it. She was amused. She made me stop singing today! He had a sandy beard and dim blue eyes.


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She is particularly popular for writing down the Werner Family Saga series. The novels written by author Plain, often dealt with the common social issues such as divorce, child molestation, adoption, abduction, and switching of babies at the time of birth. When she died, there were over 3o million printed copies of her books already available in more than 20 foreign languages all across the world. The first story written by author Plain was sold to the Cosmopolitan in the year During the initial days of her career as an author, she used to write short stories for numerous magazines. Until the time author Plain became a mother, she continued writing short stories. But, Plain was not able to publish this book until

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Belva Plain


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