Maukazahn They specifically mention the last breakfast. I did enjoy reading this book though. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In one fma Fama literally sees someone robbing this girl that bullies her and she starts yelling.

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I have a telephone, all you have is a gun! The second novel in this series of original readers for French students. Fama is a year-old girl from Mauritania who goes to California as an exchange student. She lives with a caring American family, but encounters prejudice at school, especially from a girl named Debbie. By chance, Fama finds Debbie in a dangerous situation and acts quickly to rescue her. This incident and what happens afterwards profoundly affect both girls.

Debbie est un fille Fama va en Caleforine by Blaine Ray. Debbie est un fille sensationaelle maintenant. This book is 53 pages. Jan 22, Abby Nautel rated it it was ok This book is about a girl named Fama who lived in Mauritania with her family.

One day her English teacher told her of an opportunity for her to go to California for 3 months as a foreign exchange student to learn English. So she went to California and stayed with a family there. At the high in California there was a girl named Debbie Martin who bullies Fama because Debbie feels that Fama doesnt belong because of her race. Fama saves Debbies life and then Debbie realizes that she was mean for no This book is about a girl named Fama who lived in Mauritania with her family.

This book is really badly written because the plot is really predictable and at times very slow and boring. Also I had a lot of pointless parts that did not fit into the story at all.

Sep 28, Hannah FreeInFiction rated it it was ok This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. What even was this book. I know its to help you be able to read and understand French, which is why my teacher had us read it, but seriously some of the stuff in it was really I wouldnt say dumb but I have no other word.

In one part Fama literally sees someone robbing this girl that bullies her and she starts yelling. Then he runs away. Imagine if pauvre anne was sprayed by a skunk and covered in sandpaper. It would still be a better book. It makes so little sense and has so many plotholes. Even as an educational tool, it is terrible.

Jan 19, Emily Spada rated it did not like it This is a pretty terrible book. The characters have no clue whats going on throughout the story and the decisions they make make no sense.

Fama is as boring as they come, with little no substance to her character what so ever. Debbie and Hairflip girl are the only sliver of joy I got out of this entire book all 48 pages.

Theres barely a plot and the logic this story follows is non-existent. Jan 19, Lauren Kinn rated it did not like it I do not like this book, because it has a horrible plot and horrible grammar. None of the characters have any idea what they are doing.

Fama has no idea what she is doing what so ever. Blaine Ray needs to be able to write way better if he wants to publish more books. Debbie the bully is the only actual character that knows what she is doing. May 16, Kenan Kanic rated it it was amazing Fama was from an African country. Fama goes to California for her school trip. She stayed with a very nice family which she loved and cared. She went to school and was part of the family. This bully was there and made fun of her.

But one day Fama was the hero


Fama va en Californie







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