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Shelves: i-thought-i-would-love-this-but , , out-of-the-loop 2. It offers a contemporary storyline with a twist that gives the book a vague supernatural vibe London can remember the future. The sale of Forgotten went down in a heated bidding war and the rights were bought internationally. I was incredibly optimistic about Forgotten. It sounds utterly fabulous and different and the Aussie cover is gorgeous.

London Lane can see her future but her past is blank. Each day she wakes up she cannot remember what she did the day before or any days prior. Cat Patrick dives straight into the story without much explanation as to why or how. A quick snapshot of what the plot consists of: future memories flash-forwards of a mysterious funeral and London trying to take notes and investigate.

London falling in love with the super gorgeous new boy at school falling again and again London and her best friend, Jamie. Jamie is making some relationship choices and London can foresee just how it will all end in tragedy. The prose makes it such an effortless and appealing reading experience. So the thing is: I am always prepared to go along with an unlikely premise for the sake of a compelling story.

I adore guilty pleasure reads and am such a sucker for YA romance. Things constantly niggled at my mind and pulled me out of the story again and again which really hindered me settling in. I did not feel like I was a part of the story alongside the characters which is how my favourite books make me feel.

I felt like i was watching it all unfold from a very detached distance while scratching my head. No one wants to get bogged down in the nitty gritty and science of it all but, for me, it still needs to be plausible and consistent.

Likewise, other plot points are unnecessary such as all the elaborate note-taking and reading of said notes everyday if London truly can see in the future her future self could have read all the notes As for the ending.

The ending was convoluted and rushed and felt more like a weird extended epilogue-style run-down of unlikely unexpected events. There was barely any integration of the climax with the rest of the book. Despite all the things I loved about this book, ultimately I felt like I fudged my way through and contrary to all the hype I am pretty much disappointed.

This book was not for me and yet I think teens will love it regardless. I am very curious to see how other readers feel about this one when it hits the shelves.


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