Contents [ show ] History The Mega Gargantuans were first discovered by Brazilian scientists wearing hazmat suits, equipped with Geiger counters, walking through the Amazon rainforest. Assuming these gigantic yellow entities to be hostile, the Mega Gargantuans quickly launched missiles at the humans and established themselves to be nuclear-capable. They were soon surrounded by the Brazilian military. Unbeknownst to both the Brazilian and American militaries, Rick and Morty were already visiting the Presidentress as ambassadors and negotiating a ceasefire. A short time after, they received a visit from The President , naked. The Presidentress informed him of the ceasefire agreement made with Rick and Morty, and offered the President the shirt left behind by Rick to cover himself when he grew back to normal size.

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Edit Faerie is a place of tremendous scale. Impossibly slender mountains reach out like daggers to slash at a wide sky. Causeways built by giants cross fathomless seas. Gargantuans are imbued with a portion of that massive scale, even though their stature is a temporary thing. Gargantuans come in a wide variety of fae miens.

However, they do tend toward the large side, and most have permanently gained a few inches from their durance. This height difference is also notable to those who see the Mask, which may cause further troubles with those who would otherwise recognize the Gargantuans after their absence.

Durance Edit Gargantuans were made what they are because size was necessary. Some were stretched on Procrustean racks in order to better fit the tremendous homes of their overlarge Keepers. Some were given Atlas-like duties, compelled to bear tremendous weights on their backs, or to serve as massive litter-bearers for entire mobile palaces.

Interestingly, some Gargantuans remember being perpetually of great height and strength in Arcadia; their return to the mortal world seems to have returned them to mortal stature, with their former size available to them only in bursts. Folklore Edit Giants are a ubiquitous presence in folklore. The English countryside alone is virtually littered with tales of monsters such as Jack-in-Irons, Blunderbore, Cormoran and Galligantus.

These giants sometimes have multiple heads, though obviously changelings reworked in their mold do not. The African hero Makoma bested many giants that were capable of making mountains and riverbeds with their mighty hands. The Greeks spoke of the Gigantes and Titans, and the Norse told of earth, fire and frost giants that could challenge the very gods. Judeo-Christian lore tells not only of Goliath, but of giant men that walked the earth before the Flood. Interestingly, the spriggans of Cornish lore were said to be small and bent faeries that could grow to tremendous size — and that had a tendency to steal children, leaving their own offspring in the cradle.

Frailties Loses strength when chained, frightened by trumpet music, cannot wear leather, may not injure mice, riddling compulsions, may not shave.


Gargantua und Pantagruel






Mega Gargantuans


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