Edit Lucky Little Gits Gnoblars are superstitious creatures, often keeping small stones, coins or other trinkets as good luck charms. By some coincidence, or maybe even some bizarre evolutionary adaptation, a high proportion of Gnoblars exhibit a lucky streak. At least, some of the time To represent this, at the beginning of the game the Gnoblar player gets D6 re-rolls that may be used at any time throughout the game.

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Do you like this video? The world looked small We would take it and ate it all Little ones came from Hills, Green of Skin and useful They were too stringy to eat, so we put them to work Gnoblars are a distinct sub-species of mountain or hill-dwelling Goblins that inhabits the mountains, hills or shanty-towns of the Ogre Kingdoms and the lowlands of Gnoblar Country to its southern borders.

They are similar to their Goblin cousins in many ways such as their cowardice, evil-minded nature, cunning, and their familiar appearance. Just like their Goblin cousins, they are also the "slave" force of the Ogre race, acting as servants, cannon fodder, ammunition or even food, however Ogres tend to not eat Gnoblars for they think of them as too "stringy".

Their gnarled bodies are topped with large, bulbous heads, and they have scrawny arms that end in wide and dexterous hands. Most Gnoblars are twisted little cowards whose animal cunning is bent on keeping them alive in a world where everything preys upon them and their own brethren view them as a threat to their position. Many go out of their way to lure animals and even other humanoids near the Ogres camps where they can drag the injured away to kill slowly.

Gnoblars torture living things not only for the fun of it, but because of the sense of power it gives them is highly addictive. Gnoblar whelps often gang together to torture small mammals like bristlehogs and rats, and occasionally even the smallest of their group if they think they can get away with it.

The most remarkable feature of a Gnoblar is probably his nose, a massive protuberant lump that can smell an approaching predator before it has a chance to pounce. This is complemented by an acute pair of ears; large, triangular appendages that swivel independently at the slightest sound. A Gnoblar down on his luck will have them perked up expectantly, perhaps to make himself larger and more threatening.

However, the Gnoblars found out a long time ago that the best way to make themselves look larger and more threatening is simply to stand between the legs of a well-fed Ogre. They are often enslaved by Chaos Dwarf raiders, of whom they are deathly afraid, and not without good reason. The most important step in Gnoblar evolution was the realisation that the Ogres dwelling in the Mountains of Mourn found them of more use as slaves than sustenance.

Before long, a mass exodus of Gnoblars leaving their homelands in the foothills saw the Ogre Kingdoms infested, with shanty towns springing up in every available nook and cranny.

Since that day, the Gnoblars have performed the menial tasks demanded of them by their Ogre masters, and in return, the Ogres ensure that only a comparatively small percentage of Gnoblars meet a grisly and unfortunate death. An earmarked Gnoblar is theoretically above the constant bickering and in-fighting that typifies this species. Varying quite dramatically in size, the larger Gnoblars tend to be independent, even rebellious at times, and they cannot be thrown nearly as far should the Ogre wish to participate in a Gnoblar-hurling contest.

Small Gnoblars are prized not only because they tend to be more subservient, but also because they can be strapped to a stout branch and passed over the shoulder, scratching those hard-to-reach places with sharp, scrabbling claws. It is common for an Ogre to develop a twisted affection for a prized Gnoblar servant, boasting to his tribe-mates that his Gnoblar is a good little runner with a healthy green hide and a particularly droopy nose. Unfortunately, the more often a pet Gnoblar is around his master, the higher the chance he will be eaten or simply crushed by accident.

Almost every Ogre has a Gnoblar to call his own, and they often echo the characteristics of their master - a Gnoblar belonging to a Tyrant will likely be a bullying little tyke with an ill-fitting helmet, whereas one belonging to a Leadbelcher might have soot-blackened features and a rag in each earhole.

It is possible to tell a lot about an Ogre by the Gnoblars he keeps. As with their masters, the larger Gnoblars tend to rise to the top of the heap. Overall size, however, is seen as secondary to ear and to a lesser extent, nose size. Just as in some societies a long beard or old age is seen to signify wisdom, in Gnoblar society large floppy ears and a huge nose are seen to signify authority and importance. This can lead to endless bickering, as most Gnoblars have an over-inflated view of the size of their own ears.

Some even go mad with paranoia thinking everyone is snickering about their small ears behind their back which, of course, they are. As with everything else, Gnoblars try to cheat with ear and nose size and no end of dubious schemes are hatched to stretch, grow or even fake them. This usually results in injury and ridicule, but occasionally something works and the lucky Gnoblar shoots up the social ladder. This is unwise, as though the Butchers often stick to their word and find ways of making the nose and ears swell, the Gnoblar concerned is very lucky if they live to regret it.

Not wasting any time. Oders ratted on them - the Tyrant is said to have thrown the squashed remains of the offending tents and Gnoblars over a hundred feet, clean out of the camp. Later that day, the story goes, Oders was captured and literally eaten alive by his cousins, who thought his warm brain would bestow great cunning on all who ate it. Even to this day, scrap merchants try and sell shrivelled up bits of badger or weasel brain as the remains of the great Cleanfinger.

It was originated by Ogres when Gnoblars first joined their camps and is now a firm favourite with Gnoblars and Ogres alike. Runtsprint is usually a game where someone runs around a specific track, and sometimes even within the maw-pit itself.

The only real requirements for a runtsprint track are that there are plenty of spectators there to watch at once without having to move around, and that there are lots of dangerous obstacles. Originally the Ogres would round up the injured or weak Gnoblars and throw them on the track. All but the winner will be eaten so, with nothing to lose, the unfortunates are forced to run over dangerous obstacles as fast as they can. These days, the Gnoblars hunt their own injured down for the games.

Young Ogres who are feeling bored sometimes amuse themselves by throwing bits of worn-out clothes and worthless coins in the middle of a pack of slaves of lesser species. This works particularly well with Gnoblars, and a violent brawl quickly ensues as they all pile on trying to bite and kick their way to the treasures and carry off the best. No adult Ogre ever really grows out of enjoying runt baiting and this innocent childhood game has grown in a very popular sport. Gnoblar Bowl is normally held on feast days and requires some kind of pit or arena.

Somewhere between ten and forty Gnoblar volunteers wait eagerly at the edges of the gaming ground while Ogres arrive full and content from the feast and scat themselves with a drink around the arena. When the go ahead is given usually by a Tyrant, Bruiser or one of the Ironguts some shiny and vaguely valuable items are thrown into the arena, and the Gnoblars leap in after them. Any item a Gnoblar can drag or carry to the edge of the area they get to keep, including bits of injured opponents.

Threats such as "get the broken helmet you short-nosed piece of fangweasel dung Throwing bits of food or even Gnoblars into the area is usually tolerated, but sometimes a particularly drunk or angry Bull will stagger into the area and discipline a Gnoblar that has lost them money.

This is fairly rare though, because as well as committing a social blunder, an Ogre that interferes with a game of Gnoblar Bowl is likely to upset the bets of other Ogres, and Ogres are notoriously direct at expressing their displeasure.

Gnoblar Bowl is also highly popular with Gnoblars. A large percentage of the population will beg, steal or even work to get permission to watch. Its popularity is even starting to eclipse more traditional sports like nose ripping. Groups of screaming Gnoblars charge around on squealing pigs. However, among the more organised Gnoblar tribes a more advanced version has emerged, which Ogres sometimes watch. In this variation which undoubtedly gave pig jousting its name , two Gnoblars face each other across a cleared pit, sat atop their pigs, dressed in a much protection as they can muster and armed with long pointy sticks.

When the order to charge is given they both charge forward and try and unseat their opponents. These imitations of human knights rapidly descend into chaos as the pigs run about wildly, the Gnoblars lose their poles. Despite their insignificant size and intelligence, when brought up for battle, they are capable of doing considerable damage. Gnoblar Infantry Gnoblar Fighters - Gnoblar Fighters are the bigger Gnoblars in a tribe, and form bands in order to try and steal shiny things during battles.

The larger members of Gnoblar society have a tendency towards independence. Gnoblar Trappers - Gnoblar Trappers are intrepid Gnoblars that delight in catching and torturing small animals and follow Ogre Hunters to battle. Gnoblar Flingers - Gnoblars equipped with long-range weaponry such as slings or bows.

Boglars - Boglars, also known as Marsh-Gnoblars or Swamp Goblins, are a breed of Gnoblars that live in marshes, bogs and swamps. Gnoblar Manbiters - Being the biggest and baddest of their kind, Manbiters aspire to become better than other Gnoblars and this has led many Manbiters to embark upon wild, irrational expeditions across the continent. Blood-Gnoblar - Blood-Gnoblar are the greatest trappers in their tribes, and as their name suggest, they paint themselves with blood to mark their expertise.

Gnoblar Warmachine Scraplauncher - The Scraplauncher is an impressive war machine. It is a large and unconventionally built catapult pulled along by an enormous woolly beast. Gnoblar Careers Gnoblar Scum - Gnoblar Scums are the most foul-smelling and miserable rump of Gnoblar-kind, making up the majority of the population in most Ogre camps.

Woodbellies - Woodbellies are the enforcers and self-appointed leaders of the shanty towns, their name being an imitation to the Ironguts that they serve. Gnoblar Lords - Gnoblar Lords are the greatest and most esteemed of their kind. Luck-Gnoblars - Ogres often come to the point where they believe certain long-lived pet Gnoblars are lucky charms. These Gnoblars hide between the legs of their master, poking sharp implements into the flesh of whoever is occupying his attention during the battle.

These Gnoblars tread a thin tightrope between usefulness and palatability. If an enemy is targeting the Ogres below, the Gnoblar can either give advance warning of the threat, or fall to his death. These Gnoblars forsake their baggage-carrying brethren and band together into loose but numerous groups that take to the battlefield in the hope of stealing some particularly choice shiny things before the Corpse-Harvest.


Gnoblar Horde: The Unwashed Masses

Fluff[ edit ] The Unwashed Masses are Gnoblars that have become independant of Ogres and banded together. Lead by Honchos, who in turn follow a Head Honcho, they roam the Mountains Of Mourn and Badlands seeking things to collect and things to kill. Their belief magic is comparable to that of Orks but goes far beyond even "clap your hands and believe a ball of metal to be a working engine". Head Honchos love hats and often try to tame and ride Rhinoxen, a horse-sized creature that resemble a mix between a Rhino and a Wooly Mammoth.



Tusida They also cause absolutely no Panic tests for being broken, making them the ideal throwaway Unit. Read our full rules here. G blar blar at iv in marshes, like is nely an unse unseat at thei thei oppo oppone nent nt tr ng he am bi rept rept ia cr er ssec ssec ng them them it 2. So without further ado lets talk about the Gnoblars. Musclebound Gnoblars with big flails.

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