His Ph. After the war, Hapgood taught at Keystone College — , Springfield College — , Keene State College — , and New England College — , lecturing in world and American history, anthropology, economics, and the history of science. Hapgood married Tamsin Hughes in but divorced in He was struck by a car in Greenfield, Massachusetts , and died on December 21, It denied the existence of continental drift , an idea that was not supported by mainstream science for another decade.

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He himself says that Christopher Columbus followed similar ancient sources in his trip to what he thought was Zipango Japan , because despite what the source maps showed, nobody realized that they depicted a completely different continent. Those sources are mentioned to come from the ancient Greeks, probably from the Great Library of Alexandria; however, few of the millions of documents there were originated in Alexandria. Famously, the rulers of the city only allowed ships to moor in their ports, among other things, if they lent their important documents to the librarians, who copied them and then gave either the originals or the copies to their original owners.

If just these facts are true, the most reasonable conclusion is that there was a culture able to navigate the entire world during the last Ice Age, when there were still gigantic megamammals long extinct and for the most part unknown by the public at large, and more importantly, different species of intelligent humans such as the Neanderthals and Denisovans.

Although those cousins of ours had been largely depicted as stupid and primitive, just yesterday I watched a popular science video that admitted that at least Neanderthals were in fact more intelligent than us.

That is an insane amount of human history that is now buried under underwater sediment. This sudden catastrophic period coincides with one of the recently found two Greenland craters and with the Younger Dryas black mat, a telltale layer of sedimentation from around 12, years ago that is associated with cosmic impacts.

From all this information it is reasonable to suppose that a winged bull of a rock pounded our planet and separated our modern conception of history from potentially dozens of thousands of years of stories that, as far as we are concerned, have never been told.

The Apocalypse has already happened, and we are the descendants of the wasteland survivors. All of the remaining species of human beings have gone extinct, mostly around that catastrophic period although there have been suspicious redheaded mummies with genetically elongated heads in South America and Egypt, among other places. The branch of human beings that has endured is the one that bred the most recklessly, the most violent, that one that could adapt to most despicable situations.

Like pigeons, rats and cockroaches. So we live in the world we deserve. The history that academics have settled on emphasis on settled on has always seemed suspect to me, and the more I read about the past the more it felt like a narrative weaved to fulfill the political and religious aspirations of certain groups of people. Leaving the painting there would have aroused too much controversy that would have threatened "settled" history view spoiler [seriously fuck you, fuck you and all the people like you.

If it happened as it is told, you should have gone to jail hide spoiler ]. Geological evidence regarding pluvial erosion in the bedrock from which the Sphynx, to use a single concrete example from Egypt, was carved, says unambiguously that the monument must have been created thousands of years earlier from what is told by Egyptologists, very likely around 30, years ago, smack in the middle of the last Ice Age; Egyptologists, however, refuse to adapt to this reality.

I have no idea how this is considered acceptable. In ancient sites, the older stuff is always better made. How is that possible? To cite a single example, the Antikythera mechanism view spoiler [ hide spoiler ] , an actual analog computer found in a shipwreck off the coast of a Greek island. According to Wikipedia, not that I like quoting things from Wikipedia: "an ancient Greek analogue computer used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendar and astrological purposes decades in advance.

It could also be used to track the four-year cycle of athletic games which was similar to an Olympiad, the cycle of the ancient Olympic Games. And if indeed they came up with it themselves, instead of retro engineering far older machinery or also following old, crumbling designs, what else has been missed?

Who were those people? Where did they come from? What tools did they use? How much did it take them to develop their sophisticated stonework?


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Maps Of the Ancient Sea Kings


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