Beschreibung bei Amazon Author Teresa Mummert grew up in a small town located in Pennsylvania, and it was here that she started dating the man she would later marry. They were only sixteen years old when they began dating, and were married at the age of eighteen. They would also move down to Louisiana, as her husband started his career in the military. They live in the state of Georgia with their four kids. She began writing stories while her husband was deployed over in Afghanistan, and used it to get away from the fact that he was fighting in a war.

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Huh 1 : The FMC is supposed to be a twenty-one-year-old college senior and a social outcast. She suddenly finds herself in a giggling fit after smoking pot with two girls in the bathroom. Said girls all but shove her out the door to take the blame when Prof. Of course, Ms. Social Outkast then befriends said mean girls. She drinks too much, cuts her hand and passes out. Huh 2: "Mr.

Honor" is supposed to be a college professor. A college professor who Twirls a ruler in class. Stands in the hall and shouts, "Get to class, ladies.

Honor is in the office when FMC is being "signed in" by her aunt. He tells her to come to his room afterward because she missed class. He takes off his shirt and asks what happened to her hand. Accident, she says. Bam, he spreads her on his desk and spanks her ass. Huh 4: No dick can be that mesmerizing. Honor brings her to his house.

Honor comes and once again takes her to his house to reject her one more time before he spanks her ass, takes her v-card, and rejects her again. Next AM he shows up at her door and asks: Has anyone come by here? Anyone who seemed strange?

Cue throwing her across the table and demanding a bed or here and now. Not once does she think, wait,what strange fucker? FMC abandons magic Dick in her bed and has eggs with her aunt to talk about jobs and friends. Huh 5: "I want to hurt you. Or, not. Back at his pad, he brings her to the top floor Aka "where he plays. Afterwards, he hands her a pink hairbrush he has on hand to tidy her appearance up.

Finally, the "strange person" is addressed and the FMC is in danger from an unknown stalker writing threatening letters. Calm as a cucumber and question-less at this, she decides to stay with her new friend. Solution - clubbing with her new bestie. GPS on her phone alerts him. He shows. However, he assures the FMC after one weekend together that he most def loves her "more than anything. Uhmmm, He may love another woman She has no problem Asking someone drunk to come pick her up.

What I Liked? The setting, plot, and characters are completely incongruent and contradict each other. Not believable. At the end of every scene sequence, this alternates between him perusing her and her backing away to her perusing him and him pushing her alway.


Honor Student

Teresa Mummert Chapter One My twenty-first birthday had started like any other day. I awoke alone. The house was deserted. No doubt, my Aunt who I lived with had passed out at the bar or gone home with some random stranger.


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