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Somerville for many, many hours of assistance. Introduction The Ford Motor Company introduced this engine, many years were to pass drawn the departmental line. At time of their single overhead cam SOHC en- before one came into my hands again. I am sure you will agree this is not there are a lot of these engines around.

True, a few enterprising engine. The same basic engine can dis- uration. Those clever souls who did price of a four-value-per cylinder en- place , or cc. In some manage to produce reasonable horse- gine. Many as possible. I became the people tried their hand at making the I had the opportunity to pull one of proud owner of a MK I11 Cortina engine go but precious few, it seems, these engines apart not long after their GT. At the time I machine, and as a result I slowly be- unit.

Unfortunately, it appears that the virtues of this engine, as well as a theory as to why this engine had not the reverse applies. The situation criticising some of the possible draw- achieved wholesale acceptance by seems more akin to a castaway on a backs as I saw them. I pointed out that motoring enthusiasts.

I think not. Ineffective lines of cost. Its overhead cam, eight port. Their principal competition engine is communication would describe it crossflow head should, I said, b e capa- the CosworthIFord BDA four-valve- better. This unit is availa- My low acceptance theory is based excess of bhp per litre in normally ble from Ford at displacements from on what I have already said. It hinges on aspirated form, and tmce that amount Power output in excessof the fact that for an engine to be an in- per litre in supercharged form.

Since Morever, it must b e responsive to even general public alike, just as the British Ford already possessed a highly suc- the simplest modifications. Hav- popularity of Group I now group A com- tomotive history to know that my en- ing acquired the easy-to-come-by hor- petition the use of mass-produced veh- thusiasm was not shared by all and sun- sepower from the SOHC engine, they icles with factory speed equipment.

After my initial acquaintance with appeared, at least to outsiders, fo have The engine itself is only semi-repon- sive to simple modifications but highly there, each subsequent chapter would a good insight as to what you can expect responsive to the right modifications. It Making horsepower is only a question search for more and more horsepower should also allow you to get the best in- of finding the weak link in the chain of and, of course, reliability.

Those few you intend to spend. If you are anything who did find the way to high horse- Not so with this engine. Instead, the information fil- responsive to relatively simple, con- tend to go straight into the engine and tered down through the ranks so that ventional modifications. This is part of deal with its idiosyncrasies first.

When now, a decade or so after it introduc- the reason for its slow acceptance, and I you have a greater understanding of tion, the engine is only now beginning do not intend to b e found guilty of the engine, w e will then deal with the to achieve the status it deserves.

The further retarding matters. Indeed, my speed equipment, which falls into the validity of this theory will b e difficult to intention is the reverse. This prove one way or the other but to my Whether you are loohng for a big and the more complex task of building mind it contains enough seeds of truth horsepower increase or a small one, a competition engine will b e dealt with to cause me to restructure the concept you need to have a reasonable under- last.

In other words I will deal with the of this book. Let me explain: when a certain take to improve it is to build the engine you that really there are no such things quantity of fuel is burnt, it releases a to the finest tolerances possible.

Things as speed secrets. If more power is re- certain known quantity of heat. All like con rod accuracy, crankshaft quired from an engine, then improve- forms of energy are interchangeable. If straightness, piston to bore clearances ments must b e made in one or more of our engine converted all the heat all affect the final frictional losses the the following areas: 1.

Increased vol- energy to mechanical energy, it would engine will have. Care in selecting and umetric efficiency; 2. Increased mechani- member, the fuel is burnt to heat the air building the engine will produce cal efficiency. The The overall concept of building a tors in turn and analyse them in a little more heat the air contains, the higher high performance engine is attention to more detail. First of all, increasing vol- the pressure it reaches and the harder every detail, big or small.

In the follow- umetric efficiency. In simple terms, this it pushes down on the piston. If, after ing pages I will elaborate on the points means improving the breathing effi- burning the fuel, the heat is taken away that were touched upon here. I will give ciency of the induction and exhaust sys- from the air, it will not want to expand as I you the necessary details or accepta- tem.

When you realize that at 1, much, so cylinder pressures will b e ble ground rules so you can success- RPM a typical engine has only six lower and the power will b e down. To improve volumetric effi- is converted to mechanical energy to ciency, w e make changes to air filtra- propel the vehicle. Into this cauldron vert to mechanical energy. The factors of parts, throw the effect of the camshaft which affect thermal efficiency are im- profile or. The parameters affecting the end product.

In other words, distribution, and correct calibration of they trade low end performance for top the carburettor to deliver the optimum end. Improving the breathing ability of aidfuel ratio. The compression ratio is the engine is the most important single also a factor.

The higher thls goes, the factor affectingpower output. Because better the thermal efficiency gets. Pay mal efficiency. Lastly, reduced fric- attention to that detail and you will find tional losses help thermal efficiency, the extra power you are loolang for.

To optimize the flow less air than a smaller one. Gone are the days when a little to lmpove all these areas. This is the thoughtful use of the grinder, plus a set There is no doubt that cylinder head most important consideration with any of larger valves, were all one needed to design is a very complex subject. It is cylinder head modifications. The get one step ahead of the competition.

If you in- ports is the trick to make a head work. A is required to produce cylinder heads A polish does nothing to increase the rough-ground finish is usually entirely of advanced performance. Foremost ,powerofan engine. In fact on occasions adequate. They do not; an ex- The first step toward improving a Fortunately, though, I have over the years acquired such equipment.

Thus, in the following pages I will detail cer-. As a result, the changes will help the engine develop the amount of power one would expect from a SOHC, canted-valve engine. The production of horsepower de- pends to a large extent on air flow. A rule which works al- I I most percent of the time is ifairflow -.


How to Modify Ford Sohc Engines






How to Modify Ford s.o.h.c Engines - David Vizard




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