In addition, only 22 tethers were located after the incident. The case studies illustrate some of the common failing in undertaking risk assessments. In addition, review of the risk assessment records indicated that corrosion of this pipe, and the subsequent hazards resulting from any corrosion, had not been identified. The Designer failed insg provide a full engineering speci fication for the structure which would have included load calculations in various wind conditions. Open in a separate window.

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Melrajas The Health and Safety at Work Act places responsibility not only on employers but also on designers, manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that articles and substances are safe for use so far as is reasonably practicable, and on every employee while at work to take reasonable care of him or herself, and of any other person who may be affected by his or her actions. Consider for example a small manufacturing process where Team A take raw material and prepare it for initial fabrication by Team B.

The most usual source of error is yov equipment or work areas. U the pipes had been installed, no system was put in place to reassess the safety of the pipes as time elapsed. Depending upon the level of harm and the probability, the risk is labelled as High, Medium or Low.

The Risk Matrix questions the probability of certain levels of harm. This paper gives a brief overview of where responsibility for occupational health and safety lies in the UK, and how risk should be managed through risk assessment.

The focus of the paper is three recent major UK incidents, all involving fatalities, and all of which were wholly avoidable if risks had been properly assessed and managed. Employ ers with um or more employees need to record the signifi cant findings of the risk assessment. HSL then investigated the risk assessments that had been undertaken asking many questions.

In this example it includes the severity of harm, the exposure to harm for example the amount of time per day an individual is exposed to the riskthe probability that the event will occur for the given exposure and the probability of avoiding harm should the hazardous event occur.

Two people were killed and 27 injured. Had engineering calculations been undertaken to determine the loading that various weather conditions would impose on the structure? All three of the parties listed above had a responsibility to ensure the structure was safe but not one of them did so.

Please review our privacy policy. In addition, review of the risk assessment records indicated that corrosion of this pipe, and the subsequent hazards resulting from any corrosion, had not been identified. To undertake a suitable and sufficient risk assessment takes time and an appropriate multi-disciplinary team of people. This is illustrated in Fig. A suitable and sufficient risk assessment called a Safety Case for large, high hazard plant was not completed following the modifications.

Festival of Fireworks Hov. Subsequent maintenance records showed evidence of fuel leaks that had happened before but these were not acted upon. The Nimrod aircraft had been in service for over 30 years and had been modified twice.

The structure was assembled and inflated by a Contract Company on public land, a park controlled by a Public Park Authority. The UK Health and Safety Executive HSE does not pubjs organisations how to manage the risks they create but does inspect the quality of hss identification and management.

Risk Assessment in the UK Health and Safety System: Theory and Practice The investigation identified that fuel leaked out of a coupling during the in-flight refuelling. For high hazards, complex or novel situations, HSE builds on good practice, using, for example, hxe analysis, to inform judgement. Identify the new controls that are needed, who will take responsibility for putting them in place and by when. Dreamspace was a large inflatable structure inside which members of the public could walk around to experience a dream-like world of light and sound.

This article will introduce the risk assessment in the UK and analyze some cases of occupational accident with the risk as sessment model. What could go wrong? These are outlined in Fig. The legal responsibilities of employers are summarised in Fig. Carrying out a risk assessment to attempt to justify a decision that has already been made. In addition, only 22 tethers were located after the incident. There was also a failure of the parties involved to communicate to one another about possible risks.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. What new actions are required to further reduce the risk? Three case studies are now presented to illustrate the consequences of not undertaking a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. This leaked fuel was close to hot pipe-work not part of the refuelling system which provided an ignition source. Once Team C have finished the product it is ready for packaging and shipment by Team D.

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