Monday, May 16, Lego Technic Super Car Review: A serious road beast Supercars have always had a distinguished position in the Technic world, often pushing the boundaries of what was achievable, introducing new parts and techniques, and being among the largest available models. It all began in with the set which was built without friction pins and dedicated steering parts, continued through a couple of studded models culminating in and continuing in the studless era with ever more advanced models. The newest, recently launched member of the family is the Supercar, reviewed here. Expectations from this type of a set are undoubtedly high, as the supercars are one of the toughest models to design.

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Realistic touches include suspension, steering, and moving pistons as well as working scissor doors, a hood that opens and closes, and an extendable rear spoiler.

Part of the advanced Technic line of LEGO sets, this classic car has electric components where it counts. Technic involves giving designers the tools to create a different kind of LEGO experience in which they build from the ground up. This is a great set for kids and adults alike as you get to assemble real-life, functional items that allow you to see the inner workings of systems and other mechanics. When looking underneath the hood, you get to see and then customize a V8 engine.

Not only that, but you also get to see how the wheels work. You can explore the operations of steering, suspension, and even pistons within the engine and how they work while this Technic set is mobile. This Supercar turns into various other vehicles as well. The doors open and close, the spoiler on its rear can be adjusted for endless tinkering with your LEGO machinery.

Technic sets definitely involve a level of complexity not normally seen from LEGO, so the company has categorized the Supercar set in the Technical theme group. Between the scissor doors, the axle, the wheel, and the realistic approach to an actual car, constructing the Supercar can become a project hobby that will stretch both your imagination and your building skills.

You may even find yourself wishing you can drive it rather than just play with it. Once you get the hang of actually building with its bricks, you will see just how rewarding it can be. Using brick after brick, you will piece together one of the most authentic-looking toy cars possible. Right out of the box, you get a set of bricks that allow you to take your imagination to truly different places.

Build the car once using the instructions, and then take it apart to recreate something that challenges your creativity and puts your engineering skills to the test. Product Identifiers.


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