Leopold Type S technology underdrain is designed to provide uniform distribution of wash water and air to clean every corner of the filter without media upset. Air stability is improved with all orifices providing uniform and continuous airflow. Type S underdrain is ideal for designs requiring longer laterals. Type SL underdrain features a lower profile, making it ideal for shallow filters where greater filter media depth is desired. Both feature the dual parallel lateral design pioneered by Leopold, ensuring uniform distribution of water and air at each dispersion orifice opening even in extra long lengths. Both feature a unique water recovery channel for superior air scouring and water backwash performance.

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They informed us that they had a underdrain failure at their water treatment plant. With only two filters, they lost half of their capacity, and had grave concerns should in the event the other filter failed. So we suggested the Leopold Underdrain system. What Leopold could not really tell us is when they could actually deliver the completed system so we could perform the installation.

All Service called one of the managers to explain the situation and to see how quickly we could get the new system. At the time of our conversation I did not realize that this particular manger was on vacation in another country with his family. This is the first step that initiated the the quick turn around. The manager sent out emails immediately and then the wheels started rolling.

We were contacted by his associates and asked to be kept in the loop on all emails, so that they could all keep an eye on things and make sure coordination went as planned should in the event All Service got the project. All this took place prior to the issuance of a purchase order from the owner, but the ground work was laid and ready to implement if we got the go ahead.

We were quickly notified to proceed with the project by the owner. Based upon information from the Owner it was going to take 10 weeks to get the underdrains onsite from another manufacture who they did not mention. The owner indicated that the staff for the City of Lexington Mo. During the demolish of the Infinity Underdrain manufactured by the Roberts Filter Group, we found out that the drawings furnished by The Roberts Filter Group did not exactly match the measurements, which created an issue because we already had product onsite.

The reinforcing was not going to allow the new system to be installed as required. After working through all the issues and deciding what needed to be done it was determined our specially designed reinforcement rods were not going to work.

This problem was discovered at am in the morning and we had new product on the way to the job site by pm. This project was completed from start to finish in 3 weeks. That is actually 15 business days. The cause of the Infinity Underdrain failure has yet to be determined, and the actual cause may never be known.

At the time of this correspondence, pressure test are being performed on the grout that was used by the installing contractor. I will say, that our employees said that this underdrain was the easiest one they have ran across to demolish in the last 19 years. We do know that the City has had some issues with air in the system which is some cases is what can cause an underdrain failure.

Once we get our test results back from the lab on the grout we will post on this site. Our wok has included Granular Activated Carbon replacements, media change outs, underdrain retro fits, new construction installation, we also manufacture package plants, manufacture Wheeler Underdrains,Liners for Wheeler Underdrains, and BIF type Hydro Cone Underdrains.

All Service is proud to say that we have worked with many manufactures in the water industry, and have performed multiple warranty projects for several different manufactures. Our crews work with each other everyday. The right hand knows what the left hand is doing. All our employees are trained on every aspect of the required work, and pay close attention to detail. Detail is the key.


Leopold® Type XA™ Underdrain



Leopold Universal Type S® Underdrain by Xylem




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