Named Characters[ edit ] Note: Under the current edition, named characters tend to be overpriced. You can pretty easily emulate most named characters from scratch and save yourself some points. That said, a few named characters do have abilities and wargear or wargear combos unique to them, so if you absolutely need to have them, go ahead. If the Stegadon is killed, he can still use his Palanquin to move around. He also lost some of his godly 7th ed rules such an unlimited amount of dice when casting, a super-powerful spell, and the ability to re-roll Miscasts.

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Named Characters[ edit ] Note: Under the current edition, named characters tend to be overpriced. You can pretty easily emulate most named characters from scratch and save yourself some points. That said, a few named characters do have abilities and wargear or wargear combos unique to them, so if you absolutely need to have them, go ahead.

If the Stegadon is killed, he can still use his Palanquin to move around. He also lost some of his godly 7th ed rules such an unlimited amount of dice when casting, a super-powerful spell, and the ability to re-roll Miscasts. Also his supposedly awesome weapon hits at WS2. To make matters worse, Zlaqq, his Stegadon, described as the biggest in Hexoatl the most militarized City, with entire herds of them has the profile of a normal Ancient Stegadon.

Overall grossly overpriced for what he does, and this is sad since he is supposed to be one of, if not the, strongest wizard alive. Kroq-Gar: The pinnacle of Saurus carnage, mounted on the pinnacle of giant predators, all this represented by a wonderful model. Fluff-wise, Kroq-Gar is the absolute perfection of the Saurus race. One of the greatest warriors currently alive and simply the one you can trust to protect Lustria against invaders.

Among his accomplishments are: fighting an unending horde of Daemons for years, being years old and still one of the best warriors of his entire species, being the sole survivor of a destroyed city, being entrusted to lead the crusade against Chaos by Lord Mazdamundi himself, and much more.

If Kroq-Gar or his mount is killed, the surviving one gets Frenzy. For unknown reasons, despite millennia of fighting and winning against every kind of foe and being the strongest Saurus alive, he is still WS6. However, the same problem as Lord Mazdamundi apply: at pts, he is restricted to large battles, and Grymloq cannot have any of the upgrades normal Carnosaurs have. Chakax: Once upon a time, Chakax choked a Daemon Prince with his bare hands, fought hundreds of wild jungle creatures for 2 days straight, guarded his unconscious Mage-Priest for weeks in the middle of the jungle, etc.

When both he and a Slann are in a unit of Temple Guards, the whole unit becomes Unbreakable until one of the two is killed. Best used for defense, but unfortunately not very useful otherwise. Overall the worst named character in this book. Units charging him have to take Dangerous Terrain tests with a -1 modifier. At a new and improved cost of points, he is interesting even in small games where he can hold your main line, while he can make a pack of Saurus really fearsome in larger battles.

This is a character you want to put in a larger unit and wait for the enemy to charge. However, he only has 2 Wounds, making him too frail to fight strong characters by himself. Though of little interest in most scenarios, he is a must-have in an all-Skink army or when fighting a Skaven army.

He can be accompanied by Skinks like Slann with their Temple Guard and can predict the future. In short, a buffed-up Skink Priest but without the upgrades or mount. After deployment but before determining who gets the first turn, you may Vanguard D3 of your units because of his ability to predict the future. In short: he is the missing link between the Skink Priest and the Slann. In larger battles, a Slann is more interesting, but because he is a Hero you could run both.

His very reasonable point cost combined with always useful abilities make him arguably the best named character in the book. His blade ignores Armour Saves and the unit he is with can perform a sort of Deep-Strike. He is as useful as a Skink special character can get. He can also upgrade a unit of Terradon Riders to have Ambush. In 7th, there was a special rule for Terradons allowing Characters to join Flying Units. He can join units.

Oxyotl: Fluff-wise, like Kroq-Gar, Oxyotl belongs in the incredibly tough years survivors category, as he spent millenia in the Chaos Realms assassinating Greater Daemons before finding his way back to the normal world.

On the tabletop however, he is nothing impressive. His only tricks being Sniper and a blowpipe that fires 3 times a turn instead of 2. He may be the cheapest Special Character the Lizardmen have at pts, but he is still only useful in small battles, where he is in fact devastating.

In larger games, he does not perform anything a unit of normal Chameleons cannot do. Then the Sniper rule comes into play. Watch your opponent cry as this orange devil runs around sniping characters until they waste time in killing him- like normal Skink but better. Generic Characters[ edit ] Note: While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army. It has the ability to ignore terrain and is never considered on foot while still being Infantry, has five Wounds, the ability to swap spells with other Slann and to cast trough friendly Skink Priest models.

Additionally, since he is fielded in the second rank rather than the first he is never going to be involved in actual combat and can cast spells even while his unit is busy fighting in melee.

A choice of Disciplines see below helps to make Slann one of the best generic wizards of the game. The bad: being the BSB means he drops dead if his unit flees from combat. Thankfully in a TG block and with the Banner of Discipline this is highly unlikely to happen.

The ugly: sporting a pricetag of fucking point vanilla, he is expensive as all fucks and Magic Items and Disciplines only worsen the situation. Mind you, he still does repay every single point you invest on him if you are careful not to make sub-par decisions. We are already at the mark without accounting for his palanquin counting as on foot but not on foot for Pit of Shades, etc which is amazingly good and his ability to cast spells out of Skink Priest models.

This plus his statline is why I think he is a relatively good purchase for points. Nifty and cheap at 20 points. Though not a first pick, it is a close second.

Soul of Stone: Can add or subtract 1 to the Miscast Table results. Will save your life sometimes but not that awesome. Still, it is only 25 points. Becalming Cogitation: Re-rolls its first failed dispel attempt in each Magic phase. Cheap at 25 points and good pick. Wandering Deliberations: Can learn Signature Spells from all 8 battle lores.

The eight signatures are nothing to sneeze at and each of them benefits from the Lore Attribute. It is kinda sad that we need to spend 30 points on this while a level 2 High Elf Lord with Combat Lord stats has it by default, though.

This is immense! Just remember it works only if you have the The End Times book. The Harrowing Scrutiny: Slann causes Terror. Take the Shrieking Blade for 5 points and get Fear instead. Alternative Opinion: This can be very good when facing low LD armies, as it means they might run away and not bog down your TG bunker - Still situational, mind you.

Transcendent Healing: Roll a d6 for each wound Slann has lost. On a 6 he regains it. Not bad, but not reliable enough to be good at 30 points. Skip this one. High Magic is a great lore that can do a bit of everything. Has two Signatures you get both of them with this Discipline, obviously so you get a grand total of eight spells. You can swap your less useful spells and tailor your list to better suit the situation during the game, so yes, it is fucking worth it.

Costs as much as two other Disciplines, clocking in at 60 points, so take it only if you are absolutely positively sure about what the fuck you are doing. Used to be popular in 7th edition, but has not been seen around much lately. Can be deadly to your Slann, as losing combat will cause unsaveable Wounds. Saurus Oldblood: Killing machine.

Can ride a Cold One or a Carnosaur. Can be tooled up to either assassinate Lord characters and Daemons, or solo regiments of infantry. Given how expensive a Slann is, he shows up in smaller battles as a general or in larger battles as a second Lord choice. However, these upgrades are expensive: the Carnosaur alone costs almost as much as a naked Slann and the figurines themselves are not cheap either.

The main downside is how hard it is to use both an Old Blood on Carnosaur and a Slann, because of their cost. This means he gets 6 S5 attacks at WS Guaranteed to make opponents rage, especially in smaller point games such as The drawback to this build is that it cannot be a mounted Oldblood due to using two hand weapons so no extra armour from a Cold One or Carnosaur sadly.

He can now even ride a Carnosaur. In larger games where you can afford a few Scar Vets or a a couple of them and an Old Blood , equip them and use them like missiles: send a kitted-out Scar Vet after one thing and watch it get maimed. Solid choice as a General at low level games and good in larger battles for supplementary killing power. If you take a Slann and a Scar Vet, you can have a very nice combo: a Carnosaur and your magical toad! Skink Chief: Cheaper now and with more mounted options this guy is a little more viable.

Can take Stegadons, Ancient Stegadons and Terradons as mounts, which is what you should be doing. On a Terradon it can do some good character hunting and screw warmachine crews, as well as provide a Leadership buff to that Terradon unit, but it means your general should be someone else.

Not a solid General choice but nice as a supporting character and a means to getting another big dinosaur on the table. Skink Priest: Good low-level Wizard. Can act as a range extender for Slann allowing them to send Magic Missiles or Direct Damage spells as if the Slann was where the Priest is standing.

Can take the Engine of the Gods if mounted on a Stegadon, which makes a combination of a killing machine, maximum safety for the character and very powerful support to nearby units. Do not underestimate them as they have access to Comet Of Cassandora and Lizardmen are the only army that can reliably spam that spell.

Core Units[ edit ] Skinks: Cheap and spammable light infantry.


Lizardmen - Used

The Loop Games Do you like this video? We are the last of their servants, and only by our hand shall the Great Plan be restored, with the total defeat of the usurping younger races. Long before the rise of Men , Elf or Dwarf , the empire of the Lizardmen ruled supreme. Such is what they were made to do, for they are the ancient servants of the Old Ones , the one true protectors of this very world. Although their realm is now partly in ruins and overgrown, they seek once more to rise up and reclaim that which they have lost many millennia ago. They go to battle for reasons indecipherable to others, an ancient plan known only to themselves.


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