Similar to the rack-switches PCT and PCT series the switch offers an out-of-band fast-ethernet port for management as well as a serial console connection, required for initial configuration. The PowerConnect is initially released with firmware 5. The underlying operating system of the PCT is based on Linux 2. All M-series switches offer a combination of internal interfaces and external interfaces.

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Among them, Dell PowerConnect is the most popular one. This post will introduce it in details and tell how to connect it to the network.

While the SFP combo ports can only operate at Mbps, full duplex mode. There is also a Mode push-button located on the right side on the front panel, which is used to transition between management modes and to reset the device.

Dell PowerConnect switch can be configured for managed or unmanaged mode depending on your preference. You can conform it by looking at the managed mode LED on the front panel. If the LED is green, it is in managed mode; if not, it is in unmanaged or secure mode. Connect a personal computer to any of the Ethernet ports on the switch; 3. Assign the personal computer an IP address Open up a web browser and type in Log in with username admin and a blank password. You are now in the management of the switch.

This part will provide information about cables and physical connections for its copper and SFP interface respectively.

These ports are used to connect high-speed workstations and other network devices such as servers, hubs and routers with the use of standard RJ connectors and UTP cables. However, Cat5e cables are recommended to be used used for all critical connections or any new cable installations for better performance. But only one of the two physical connections of a combo port can be used at any time.


Dell PowerConnect

I want to know how to reset a dell switch to factory defaults too, so if some one can answer that question, please do, but cobra can solve his issue without defaulting the device. This is what I did with a Get a null modem cable, plug it between a computer and the console port DB9F on your swith. Start up a terminal emulator on your coputer, configure it for the port you are plugged into and start at bps, 8 data, 0 stop no parity. IIRC see if you can talk to the switch by typing a "? Once you are communicating, power the switch off and on, and press enter on the terminal just once, as soon as you see the boot messages start to scroll.


Configure a Dell PowerConnect 2800 Series Managed Switch



Dell PowerConnect 2824 Manuals


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