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So this is a bigger and better version than 1. The Multiball exploit section uses info from Kevin and Keith Johnson. This is more for me, so I can keep track of who told me what.

If you have confirmation or clarification of anything in this sheet, please feel free to e-mail me. Many many many thanks go to Neil Shatz. He was in the final round too, and he was the only one who knew anything about the game.

Before the finals started, we were all crowded around the machine while Neil was giving us a quick briefing. R also has "countdown" shots, and those are true hurry-up shots, i. All normal r. One is a standup-kicker.

The other is a "one-time" shot. This is a shot that is lit by doing something, but which turns off if any other target is hit first Bowen helped with this name. General Layout The playfield is divided into three areas.

The lower half of the board has the highest-scoring targets. The upper left quarter is the bumper area, and the upper right quarter has the top flipper, lock shots, and a mode start shot.

There is a lane leading from the lower half to each of the upper quarters. The ball can be dropped off the Helicopter into the bumper area, and the Ramp feeds the ball to the Top Flipper. The inlane is wider at the top than the bottom, but the surrounding rubber and posts tend to steer the ball to the outlane.

The outlane can be lit for a Special. Hitting the target does NOT unlight it. E-K-G standups Completing the targets advances the bumper value for a short time. Once you start to re-run modes, hitting the K target relights the Helicopter. Helipad This is a U-turn lane. At the end of the lane is a kicker that sends the ball back out the lane, and a post that raises the ball up so it can be picked up by the helicopter.

Captive Balls This is definitely the 2nd coolest thing in the game, second only to the helicopter. The ball closest to the player and farthest from the player are clear plastic maybe? There two bonuses called "red value" and "blue value" which are alternately available here during one-ball play. Shooting the captive balls collects the lit value up to 60M max. The lit bonus alternates every few seconds.

Be careful, though, since missing this shot to either side can lead to a SDTM drain. Middle Standup This is a white standup target. The lanes leading to the upper portions of the playfield run by either side of this target. When hit, it adds 3M to the currently lit bonus blue or red. It is lit for a hurry-up 30M at 20 lives and after every 6th mode. The red and blue bonus lights alternate every few seconds, just as the captive ball lights do.

The bonus lit here will be the same color as the one lit at the captive balls. This is also a potential drain shot. Ramp The entrance to the ramp is at a weird angle -- it looks identical to the right ramp on Cactus Jack.

Once the ball makes it up the ramp, it goes straight all the way back to the back side of the playfield and falls into a lane that feeds the top flipper. There is a post in the lane that catches the ball if an award needs to be displayed.

Rescue target This standup-kicker faces left, and is below the ramp entrance. Mail me if you really want to know about it. The inlane lights the Rescue target.

Plunger A manual plunger. There is a bwee skill shot--three lights in the plunger lane advance X, 10M, flipper shot are lit in order. You launch the ball, and whatever is lit when the ball hits a switch in the habitrail, you get.

If you get "Flipper shot" from the plunger, one of the following shots will be lit for a one-time shot: captive balls, standup-kicker in the bumpers, middle standup. Shooting the lit shot scores 20M. On the machine we played, if you launched the ball at full strength it would sometimes fall off the habitrail and back to the plunger.

Mode lights There are 7 lights. The lights work as usual: completed modes are lit solidly, the currently available mode is flashing. Slings and flippers Two of each, in the normal places. Balls coming from the Plunger and Main Habitrail are fed directly to the flippers, and are always catchable.

The slings are rectangular, instead of the more common triangle shape, which makes the inlanes angled toward the center of the board. This also makes outlane drains more likely. Bumper Area: Upper Left quarter of the board Bumpers There are three very funny-looking flat-top jet bumpers.

The only way out of this area is down a lane between the captive balls and the middle standup target. The bumpers are used in the Hostage mode. Each hit to a bumper during one-ball, non-Hostage mode play adds K, K, or 3M to your end of ball bonus. Lights are 3M, K, K, to indicate the bumper value. Random Standup There is a white standup target to the right of the standup-kicker. It makes a neat sound when hit. What does it do? Who knows. Left helicopter dropoff point If the ball is not dropped off the helicopter by the player, it will automatically be released here when the helicopter completes its flight.

The ball rolls under some plastic mountains and onto the habitrail that feeds the left flipper. Back helicopter dropoff hole This is a sinkhole behind the bumper standup-kicker target. Hitting this hole will credit a shot to the Emergency Room if that shot is part of the mode. The ball will be kicked out of the Lock Sinkhole. Right helicopter dropoff hole This is a hole in the plastic to the right of the bumpers.

If the ball is dropped off the helicopter into this hole, it will roll nicely into the bumpers. This hole is only useful in the Hostage mode. Top Flipper area : Upper right quarter of the board Top flipper There is a full-size flipper way up near the top right corner of the board, at the exit from the ramp.

It is used to hit the cave-in targets, the Lock Sinkhole, and the Emergency Room. Cave-in targets Two drop targets covering a single standup target. They are used in the Cave-in mode. During normal play, hitting the standup advances the bumper value for a short time. When both targets are hit, two red globe lights on the plastic above the targets will flash to indicate a timer.

When they time-out, the drop targets will reset. Lock sinkhole This is one place to lock balls and start modes. Balls are kicked back out of the sinkhole onto the main habitrail. Lights are Lock, Call Emergency Room lane This is a very tough shot due to the low angle and the bend halfway up the lane.

This shot scores "Progressive Award", collects jackpots, and locks balls. Balls that are shot up this lane are kicked up out of the Lock Sinkhole. It is lit after you complete all the modes once. Enigmatic Standups There are 4 white standups on the right side of the lane leading to the Top Flipper area. There are no lights pointing at them, and they are not labeled at all. There is a post near the top end of the trail that holds locked balls think SF2.

The trail crosses the board and joins up with the plastic trail that leads from the Left helicopter dropoff point, and then feeds the left flipper. It is normally parked above the bumper area, but when you start a mode at the Helipad when the Helicopter light is lit, the Helicopter will fly down and pick the ball up.

See the description above of the 3 dropoff points for more info. The Helicopter light is always lit the first time through the modes, but for later modes you must hit the K target in the E-K-G bank to light the Helicopter. Multiball Multiball can be started in two ways.

Locking two balls in the Main Habitrail will start 3-ball multiball when you launch the third ball. The other way is to start Cave-In or Jaws of Life during your first run through the modes. Getting multiball this way will start a 2-ball multiball if there is not a ball locked in the Main Habitrail, and 3-ball if there is a ball locked there. See three paragraphs down for more info. The object of Multiball is to collect jackpots.


Rescue 911



Rescuing a Rescue 911


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