Paintball Fields Ever wonder what the paintball fields and staging area look like here at playland? Click the link below to find out! Our outdoor airsoft field will give you a real life video game experience! Click the button below to find out!

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Paintball Fields Ever wonder what the paintball fields and staging area look like here at playland? Click the link below to find out! Our outdoor airsoft field will give you a real life video game experience! Click the button below to find out! Our area is over square feet of apocalyptic style buildings, obstacles, and tunnels, all designed to give you and your child the best experience possible! Came here to have a birthday party and the staff took such good care of our party.

They took their time to explain the rules and regulations to the newbies of our group for our safety. The staff also explain some games that you could play that are different from the regular paint ball games a game in particular was Zombies which was really fun. Thanks for making our experience awesome, we will definitely be back. The boys have a great time and they like the guys who work there, very helpful.

We will continue to go there. I will admit the guests have a hard time finding the driveway even though it is marked. You can make reservations online and once you get to the venue, the staff get right down to business, explaining the rules and safety information. During our time there, the staff were accommodating, friendly and were even able to squeeze in one final game before our time was up.

Our kids and a couple of parents had a blast! You can get hurt mostly little welts so paying attention to instructions is important. If you want to pick up snacks or sandwiches, Whole Foods and Petaluma Market are just a few minutes away. Overall, it was a great time for everyone. The boys are already talking about organizing their next visit. I highly recommend airsoft for ages 12 and up. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates.

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Please enter a password with at least 8 characters. You have exceeded the time limit and your reservation has been released. The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. This option is not available anymore. Please choose a different option. Please read and accept the waiver.


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Book A Game Today About Paintball Paintball is a recreational activity in which players compete, individually or as a team, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with. Game play varies in style and composition but often range from speed-ball to organized scenario games. Players will have a fun-filled and exciting time on any one of our fields. Our park also specializes in church groups, corporate groups, corporate team building, birthday parties, bachelor parties, and youth group summer camps. Paintball is a high adrenaline, highly strenuous game where participants shoot each other with paintball projectiles at a high rate of speed. Paintball is more closely related to tag and dodge ball than to any other sport or activity.


Santa Clara Paintball

They also required an integrated waiver system that could be filled out before coming to the facility. This real-time interaction provides customers up-to-date information about availability and also offers Santa Clara Paintball over-booking protection! Maximizes park time. Bookings automatically get added the party calendar. Gives customers more specific choice for tickets and pricing.


Santa Clara

Since it opened in Jan. I have been a beginner there, a rec-baller, a tournament player, and even ran scrimmages there. I have to admit, to be able to run a paintball facility of all places in the world they do it very well in the most strict county in all of United States Santa Clara. Walk-ons and tournament players, you get a ref to pretty much baby-sit your group or team and your pretty much on your own, even with chrono checks its done either on your own or the ref will randomly out of no where will check everyone, fair enough I guess, back in the day it was done before every game guess not anymore. Sadly, I have not been able to experience all of their rec-fields, even when I tried to rent one day, I was not allowed to join the rentals based them being private groups fair-enough, but I had my beginner stepson with me and I think it was a bad call on their part.

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