The strip later moved to Times Journal, where it remained until January , when Young was fired after spoofing a radio campaign advertisement for then President Ferdinand Marcos. Originally printed in black and white , it has been published in color in recent years. Several book-length compilations have been published, starting with The Best of Pupung in Characters[ edit ] Pupung: the title character. He is a generally well-mannered young boy of unknown age. Among the main characters, he is the only child; he is also mostly the voice of reason to the many adult characters in the strip.

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Yeah, bolt for the exit and just stay at the entrance area to give our birthday gift. But as always, I underestimated my fatal attraction for all sorts of reading materials.

Somehow, the fever and fervor of the Pinoy Komik fans rubbed off. Perhaps, it was also because I nursed some indulgence for Pinoy komiks. I grew up reading Funny Komiks in elementary. In high school, I fell in love with Pupung and Pugad Baboy.

Never gave it much thought before. But I realized how Pinoy komiks figured prominently in my array of reading experiences and in my life. I love words in all forms, and stories are even more fascinating when rendered with the appropriate amount of art.

Contrary to what some people believe, comics possess so much depth and express so much of our culture. There are as many varieties of comics as there are personalities of artists that make them.

I felt a bit claustrophobic when I scoured the tables for new reads. Php sunglasses from i2i. Yellow cute bag for Php All under Php 1, No, I did not hold them at gunpoint to have this photo taken. I pestered these two for recommendations, and boy, am I happy that I got some really good new comic books to read.

I actually wish I had more money but I prioritized on the ones that intrigued me the most. Trese by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo I was not really sure what the fuss was about regarding this book. I did know that my friend Alexis asked me to buy her the Trese books. I saw the nods of approval from the cutest comic books fan friends ever see photo above when I mentioned the title, so I bought it without really knowing what it was.

Come book signing time, I was really embarrassed because I had to have it signed on behalf of Alexis. So I introduced myself as her. LOL I was not even smart enough to check the blurb to see that the name of the main, main character is Alexandra Trese. So when the prolific Budjette joked that he can possibly include me that time disguised under name Alexis as a hidden sister of Alexandra, I did not get the compliment immediately.

Lucky, lucky, Alexis! Nonetheless, Alexis now has the copy of two signed books from Budjette and Kajo. And I get the photos with them ha ha ha. Look at our happy fan faces: Everyone is happy. First two pages pa lang, I. Ohmifrigginggoodness sobrang ganda lang talaga.

So I googled and stalked the blog: I was warned that it was depressing. As it turns out, I was actually more enchanted than depressed. I know depressed of the medication-inducing kind. IMHO, on a scale of 1 to 10 of depressing literature, this is a 5 or 6. The chapter cover had MAPS. Orgasmic for spatial IT enthusiasts like me, definitely. The take on Filipino mythology is so dark and rich and intellectual.

Once, I read a light novel with a sassy, girly stab on Filipino mythology but it focused on gods and goddesses. He had a silver pail in his head and just enough holes for his eyes. His aura of mystery contributed to the unique legendary charm of Culture Crash among fans. I was one of the lucky few who saw him without the silver pail then. These days, though, you will see him in Komikon sans the famous silver pail and with his beautiful wife who is also a talented artist.

He draws and he writes. I really like the whole concept of the Fringe Division-ish investigation bureau in the setting of Pasig City. I have noticed the change in his cartoons, as he was keen in pointing out at his writing on one issue: I will personally be keeping an eye out for a Pasig collection or anthology in the future. In full color again, I hope, like in Culture Crash days.

I really missed those guys. I expected the people I interviewed before. But I did not expect a former officemate to be there! I found Cathy and Edward, two fine people from my former publishing job.

I was sad because I could not buy his book Php given my other purchasing priorities and dwindling purchasing power. But I wanted to show some support so here is the postcard I bought instead, the only colored piece in my Summer Komikon stash: Astounding.

I look at this postcard and I marvel at the amazing people God allows me to meet, even only in passing. Congrats, Gady Bear and Edward. Filipino Heroes League by Paolo Fabregas Written by another prolific comic artist with a name that always resonated positively with me, Filipino Heroes League is a buying decision I made after I fell in love with the back cover: How can a person like me resist a third world superhero in hot pursuit of a hooligan using a PEDICAB? Only in the Philippines!

I just knew I had to buy one of these. A brainchild of a former Coke commercial model and actor, FHL is satire in comic form. I forced him to buy a ticket to Komikon and I am happy that he was cheered by his chibi. I was really happy with how it turned out for me, too. On average, it took her around 10 minutes to create each one: Honestly, if you ask me, I think this girl should charge more for her art.

They make it so affordable for their exposure. But I can see the level of work and skill required of this endeavor. I believe that they deserve to get paid and patronized more. I bought the other books I mentioned at the main hall of the Summer Komikon, and then I bought just 2 tiny comics from this indie lady. I already have a horror title and a satire. So I went for a sassy, Kpop-ish, feel-good komik trip with this one.

I really think the dialogue can still use some editing. I gave it to my sister as pasalubong after I read it. When I featured Beerkada in for a lifestyle article, the comic artist Lyndon Gregorio already had a rising set of followers from Philippine Star and other Beerkadets fans. The lifestyle magazine had a different set of audience who got to know the comic books he was making.

It could have helped spread word of what his comics were about to people who would not normally frequent Komikon events like this one. I unfortunately did not have enough stash to buy another Beerkada title from this event because of my unplanned spree, but I was able to say hi to the smart Mensa smart guy and read a recent comic strip from the web version.

While others file in a long line for the titles that sell, I am the type who also likes digging for diamonds in the raw. I hope that like the more successful guys in the main hall, I will also see her creations in a bigger space, paid in a way that is somehow commensurate to the talent that she is offering the world.

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