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You may want to change the ring delay before using these modes. See Ring Delay on page Fax only6 Fax only mode will automatically answer every call as a fax call. If you have external or extension telephones on the same line as the machine keep the ring delay setting of 4 rings.

See Using external and extension telephones on page 48 and Easy Receive on page Press OK. If you choose 0, Page 53 Receiving a Fax39 6 Additional receiving operations 6 Printing a reduced incoming fax6 If you choose On, the machine automatically reduces each page of an incoming fax to fit on one page of A4, Letter or Legal size paper.

The machine calculates the reduction ratio by using the page size of the fax and your Paper Size setting Menu, 1, 3. Setup Receive 5. Auto Reduction cPress aor b to choose On or Off. Page 54 40 7 Voice Operations7 Tone or pulse Canada only 7 If you are using an external telephone and have a pulse dialing service, but need to send tone signals for example, for telephone banking , follow the instructions below. Any digits dialed after this will send tone signals. When you hang up, the machine will return to the pulse dialing service.

Page 55 Telephone Services and External devices41 7 Telephone services7 Your machine supports the Caller ID and Distinctive Ring subscriber telephone services that some telephone companies offer.

If you have Voice Mail on your telephone line, please read the following carefully. Voice Mail7 If you have Voice Page 56 Chapter 7 42 Distinctive Ring7 Distinctive Ring is a function of your Brother machine that allows a person with one line to receive fax and voice calls through two different phone numbers on that one line.

This service establishes a second telephone number on the same line as your existing telephone number, and each number has its own Page 57 Telephone Services and External devices43 7 Before you choose the ring pattern to register 7 You can only register one Distinctive Ring pattern with the machine.

Some ring patterns cannot be registered. The ring patterns below are supported by your Brother machine. Register the one your telephone company gives you. Note Ring Pattern 1 is often called short-short and is the most commonly used. If the ring pattern you received is not on this chart, please call your telephone company and ask for Call your telephone company for details. This service shows the telephone number, or name if it is available, of your caller as the line rings.

After a few rings, the LCD shows the telephone number of your caller and name, if available. Once you answer a call, the Caller ID information disappears from the LCD, but the call information stays stored in the Page 59 Telephone Services and External devices45 7 Connecting an external TAD telephone answering device 7 You may choose to connect an external answering device.

If it hears them, the machine takes over the call and receives the fax. Your machine cannot work properly if you plug the TAD into a wall jack unless you are using Distinctive Ring.


Brother MFC-5490CN User Manual Download (PDF Format)

And even with built-in networking, it is effortless to share the gadget with everybody on the network. Prints both records and pictures at up to x dpi as well as can get to speeds of approximately 35 ppm black and also 28 ppm shade. The stand-alone photocopier does not need a PC and also can make both black-and-white and even color copies at a rate of 23 ppm black as well as 20 ppm color. A sheet automated file feeder allows you to scan and also replicate web pages neglected. The flatbed scanner has an excellent optical resolution of x dpi at bit color depth for premium scans.

LEI 11284 PDF

Brother MFC-5490CN Driver, Printer Manual, Setup



Brother MFC-5490CN User Manual



Drivers for Brother MFC-5490CN Printer


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