Intas Pharma is a vertically integrated Indian pharmaceutical company with global operations, engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical formulation. It is currently ranked as the xrhp largest pharmaceutical company in the country with a 2. Web Interface Conceived and Powered By: Its products are marketed in over 60 countries, either directly, through its subsidiaries or indirectly, through supply, distribution and other arrangements with various leading global pharmaceutical companies. Mon, Dec 31, Updated Intas Pharma merges group companies, subsidiaries.

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Buy today, sell tomorrow not feasible By Chandrashekhar Thakur One of the questions that has been often asked at the investor seminars is whether the shares bought today can be sold tomorrow.

Prima facie, the answer to this question is a big No. They can not be. Accordingly, the broker would have to credit the shares by end of business close on Thursday, rather than on Wednesday. However, there can be no complaints against this, since SEBI itself permits this. How can this happen?

Also, shares which go into auction, will only be credited on Thursday. This example indicates that BTST is not feasible. Since the investor can not give delivery of shares sold, these shares will in turn, go into auction. The investor has to carry this risk.

These issues are mentioned in the trading account opening documents. However, most investors sign these documents, without bothering to read the entire terms and conditions. In investor seminars, many investors state that they carry out purchase and sale transactions in shares in spite of not having demat accounts. However, they are stating this out of ignorance, since their broker is also their DP depository participant. Investors do not realise that they signed the demat account opening forms at the time of opening of trading account itself.

In any case, since they are receiving the demat account statement every month, they cannot say they do not have demat account. The tendency of signing documents without understanding contents or implications, is the root-cause of all this! Posted by.


Intas Pharma files DRHP for IPO



Ahmedabad pharma co to bring Rs225 crore IPO


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