Orizonturi rosii. O carte fidela adevarului, un adevar crud, orwellian. Apoi, publicand in SUA volumul memorialistic Orizonturi rosii, Pacepa a demascat natura criminala a partidului comunist si a Securitatii, aducand prejudicii ireparabile regimului de la Bucuresti. Cartea sa a dat in vileag un sistem al crimei organizate la nivel de stat care functiona in virtutea unei autentice traditii leniniste. Dar de data asta nu era vorba de ideologia omniprezenta in materialele de propaganda, ci de faptul ca Ceausescu, la fel ca Lenin odinioara, isi finanta proiectul politic personal din actiuni profund ilegale: trafic de persoane si de armament, spionaj industrial, extorcare de bani, actiuni de influenta, mita si coruptie.

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Era euforic. Care dintre celelalte tari din pact are cite un lucrator de securitate la cincisprezece locuitori? Ia spune, Pacepa. Imposibil de spus care este proportia fictiune-realitate. Insa cred ca asta este si farmecul cartii.

Reading this book made me feel so naive about the world political scene. An eye opener about the whole spy network going on in the world makes me feel very sad and cynical about the prospects for out future. The book is a mixture of discussions on international relations, descriptions of the espionaje tactics employed by the USSR and other communist countries, and accounts of what Ceausescu and the people closest to him were like.

From the point of view of someone who did not experience the communist regime first-hand, but has seen the aftermath of it, this book allows a glimpse into the way in which everything was orchesterated, with the interest of only very few in mind. Nevertheless, if one wants to have a better understanding of the people behind the image created by the propaganda machine, I think that this book provides an interesting perspective. I would have liked it better if the author did not adhere to an objective storytelling style at all times, because I would have been curious to know his feelings towards the people who appear in the book.

At times the book goes into what I felt was too much detail when discussing certain events, but that might be because I started reading this book due to being more interested in what Ceausescu and his wife were like as people, and less in the external affairs of that time.

Overall I really enjoyed it.


Orizonturi rosii

Born in Bucharest in , Ion Mihai Pacepa studied industrial chemistry at the Politehnica University of Bucharest between and , but just months before graduation he was drafted by the Securitate, and got his engineering degree only four years later. He was assigned to the Directorate of Counter-sabotage of the Securitate. In , he was transferred to the Directorate of Foreign Intelligence. It was late July when I got this order, and when I ultimately had to decide between being a good father and being a political criminal. Knowing you, Dana, I was firmly convinced that you would prefer no father to one who was an assassin. Not a single top official was left, not a single major operation was still running.


Ion Mihai Pacepa


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